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Leah necklace(Sorry if this is a repost)

So I was reading around Diablo fans and saw this and didn't see it on these forums. Has anyone noticed Leah necklace?


and noticed how this is also on Cain journal?


Any guesses that theory on this?
My guess is it could be some form of ward or even possibly a seal as there are speculation out there of Leah being the host for the next Diablo.
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That pendant does reappear twice inside Book of Cain. One is found under the Xiansai entry and the second as a wax seal's crest for the back interior envelope that holds the updated map of Sanctuary.

I'm taking it either as a religious symbol of the Xian faith or the emblem of one of the Great Families who may have hosted Deckard Cain and Leah. The latter I more strongly believe, a gift to Leah and one that may be also consider a um, "leeway item" (for the lack of a better word) that is a recognized symbol to subjects that particular Great Family and welcome them as honored guests should she and Cain ever return back.

But in my speculation there nothing yet stating (or even suggests) what it really signifies. It could very well be a magical Xian amulet to ease Leah's violent nightmares of Hell she's long endured.
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it's obviously a perfect topaz :D
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So I was watching The Purgatory, Force's weekly Diablo news-show.
One of the topics he was talking about was a new Diablo novel, called The Order.
It apparently describes one of Leah's and Cain's adventures, when Leah was 9 years old.

There's the same symbol on the book cover, it seems like.
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Maybe its a symbol for the Horadrim.
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It's only under the Xiansai entry because that's the end of the Book. It's also in the back cover.
It's almost certainly the symbol of the Horadrim.
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In the wake of The Order cover art revealed, that symbol would defiantly have ties with the Horadrim, and it would make sense why it been featured on the Book of Cain covering and interior content. Though it does scrap my Xian ideas but its entertaining to speculate from time to time.
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