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After countless changes to my Monk’s PvP build I believe I have finally settled on what I believe to be a very solid all-around build that contributes not only the possibility of burst damage, but also some survivability and defensive options. My main goal when building this was to design a monk that could have the potential to unload a high amount of damage (burst) when needed, but also be able to survive and keep up during those down times where you’ll be busy staying alive, whittling down your opponent’s hp, and helping your teammates with a little cc and damage buff. (Note: I believe this build will be best supported by a two hand weapon but the final decision won’t be made until stats are revealed.) Any and all questions would be much appreciated, just trying to get a feel of what other people think.
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that's my build. it's based around burst/all out dmg, instead staying back. monk is based around helping allies/doing fast dmg, and i prefer fast dmg.
the last passive is left unchanged because it depends on your preference and because knowledge of pvp isn't completely out there.

Resolve is good if there's alot of 1v1 pvp combat, and especially if there's rated 1v1's.
Seize the Initiative is good if there ever comes a time where melee is overpowered and casters are underpowered.
Exalted Soul is actually pretty good, because it scales with transcendence, and it allows more burst at the beginning. It's my preference, and im probably gonna go with it.
I'm not really sure how Sixth Sense works, but from the amount of my crit at level 13. Might be either really good, or decent. Probably worth checking into once the game comes out.
Pacifism: as of right now, it sucks imo. If it turns out monks are that one squishy class that get's destroyed if they get stalled, then I'd say it's vital, but not for right now.
Guiding Light is kind've weirdly worded too. I'm not sure if by direct heal it just means Breath of Heaven or not.
One with Everything: vise versa as Seize the Initiative, above

if i forgot one, then it's obv not for pvp, and prolly just for pvp
ps: i went in depth cuz i wanted to keep this for my own thoughts for when the game comes out. your welcome :)

edit: the mantra is because the build is towards burst. change the mantra if you really want, but not advised
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