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Healing monk, fun or...?

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I'd just like to know if anyone has even bothered partying with a healer monk or if it's even worth doing at this point....?
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Useless, do you loose HP ? I never goes below 95% of HP and, never died (lie... i did 1 time, after a pc crash...)
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It will be nearly impossible to test how well a healing monk will work in the Beta because the content is too easy at this early stage of the game. I suspect that monks will be a great class to have in a group in later difficulties.
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"At this point" being the beta, where you can pretty much solo the content as a naked Wizard, isn't really a good test for a healer.

I really can't imagine a pure healer being that much fun, though. Hardcore is where Healing would matter most, but the blame you would get if you let someone die would be insane.
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Healing will be a huge key factor to the success of Inferno runs.

Either MoH with Indigo rune for shield or Breathe of Healing for direct healing that is spamable.

Either way you can be sure you will need to use healing in Inferno
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Every class has a way to heal themselves or another class, the Monk just has a lot more :)

If you decide to go the healing route, it will allow your team to focus their resources on more offensive abilities, which never hurts. I like this play style, it lets people i'm playing with be complete wrecking balls and feel unstoppable, and of course i'm responsible so :D
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Holding other players lives in your hands does provide some satisfaction when they dont die.

But if your in HC and you miss a heal and they die. Lol. Talk about Rage quit. I might just make a HC monk to spam heals then forget and leave after people die.

That would be mean and horrible but something inside of me is laughing. Might be my inner demon.

Or even better spec with:

and after everyone dies in HC, the Monk hops up and runs back to town. LOL So many people will be fired up.
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