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Spike/Bola CC Demon Hunter Build

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In looking through the Demon Hunter skills, I wanted to create a build that utilized good crowd control in order to keep my distance from large groups, and also to use skills that spread damage through a crowd.

Initial damage and hatred generation revolves around Spike Trap with Obsidian and Bola Shot with a Golden Runestones. Mobs would be marked with Spike Trap and then killed with bola shot, causing a double burst of AOE damage around them. Bola Shot takes the Golden Runestone in order to generate discipline to use Caltrops as often as possible.

Caltrops with the Obsidian Rune holds all enemies still for 3.5 seconds, and while im not sure if the passive Custom Engineering works to double this time, or the time the trap stays active, a full 7 seconds of immobilized enemies would be insanely useful for keeping distance.

Multishot is used as an AOE hatred dump for damage to large groups, and Cluster Arrow is used for a heal if needed.

Marked for Death with an Indigo Rune is used to keep the mark traveling through the mob group as the AOE damage spreads outwards.

For the other passives I chose Cull the Weak, and Numbing Traps to further weaken enemies and increase damage as they are slowed in the traps.

I'm still looking into alternatives for marked for death, and my two hatred dumps, as the main skills for this build revolve around keeping mobs still with Caltrops, and then double AOE bursting with Spike Traps and Bola Shot.

I'm currently thinking of placing the alabaster rune into Bola Shot, which would cause a huge explosion after 2 seconds depending on how fast my attack speed would be.

Feel free to leave feedback on how you think this build could be developed further. Thanks!
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I find this build pretty interesting. I usually leave a link to a slightly changed build, but I feel like this could work pretty well as is. However, I will leave some suggestions that I find interesting/might hopefully help.

Entangle Shot Indigo might be something you want to look into. Gives slow on your enemies, attacks 6, has range, and with Cull, it will do a bit more damage. (Not sure where you would place it though... so.. yeah).

I would suggest changing out MfD as well. A possible choice would be Smoke Screen Alabaster/Crimson. If the Spiked Trap requires you to be in melee range to place it, then this skill might prove pretty useful (to get out of "Oh Crap" situations/do some damage). It might be a bit spensive when it comes to Disc though.

Multishot might work, but it isn't a long ranged skill. Possibly using Imaple Crimson might be better (more range, it is a mob skill at least, and has pretty high damage). Or, if you do not mind cooldowns, using RoV. It would make your bursts even better... once every 30 seconds xP. But using Cluster Arrow as your main hatred depleter might not be too bad, as you are focusing on Bola/Spiked.

Hope those give you some ideas and help :3
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