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Highest Single Target Build

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Hi, I tried to make the highest single target build.
Here are the pro and cons of this build

WTFOMGPEANUTBUTTER single target dmg
Faceroll rotation
Your allies gonna love you

Your aoe suck
You'll die if alone
You'll die in a team who has no melee char
Your aoe will be so bad that you'll want to /delete your char.
Your allies gonna hate your squishyness

So what does that mean ? That mean that this is a build for BOSS, only BOSS and just BOSS.
You will not set up your skill / runes this way unless your doing a boss that doesn't require tons of movement nor aoe nor escapes mecanics skills.


So how does this build works ?
1- Hungering Arrow with Crimson Rune for highest dmg hatred generator.
2- Sentry with blue rune. The duration is just to save some Discipline which your based on. However depending on the discipline regeneration ratio the blue rune could be swapped for the black for more pewpew with rockets.
3- Rapid Fire is your main pewpew spell. Black rune to shoot rockets for more single target dmg (unless there is adds...)
4- Marked for Death with yellow rune: So unless I don't understand the rune, 2 hatred each time I touch the target (every second with rapid fire and maybe more with rockets if it works). The white rune could be used for more substainability.
5- Companion SPider ! So unless I'm really bad at calculating stuff. +20% personnal dmg will be better than 80% dmg every few seconds. (considering it only last 40sec also).
6- Preparation crimson rune. Hell yeah, except the lil turret we won't spend any discipline so I guess this skill will always be up when our hatred will be depleted. So technically we'll always be full of hatred.

Passive: Turret bonus, 20% on slow target, 100% autoshot+hatred on hit.

I'M assuming we're still autoshooting while rapid fire is channeling, if it's not the case please tell me cuz this build is based on this assumption. (+6 per hit with this build)
Also, I guess that even if boss cannot be slowed they can get the debuff which will make our passive +20% dmg bonus working. if not also please tell me ^^

How does this thing work ?

Your spider should have been out before the boss. You mark the boss, summon your lil turret and start casting rapid fire.
When your discipline is depleted you cast preparation and rechannel. by the time you get out of hatred (considering you're autoshotting while rapid fire is channeling).
You should get a lot of hatred from the passive and the mark which will help you channel for a long long duration.
Keep up Sentry (blue or black rune depending of discipline regeneration rate / fight duration).

This build requires you to stand still and become some kind of glass canon. If you move you'll loose 20 hatred for the initial cast. If you have to move be sure to cast some hungering Arrow in order to have enough hatred to channel long enough.

If you have better idea to improve this build feel free to share.
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Rapid Fire doesn't count as a basic attack as it is a skill and as such fundamentals doesn't affect this skill, if it did you wouldn't need golden marked as you already are generating 4 hatred per hit.

Not too sure about getting the 20% damage bonus from cull the weak if the boss can't be slowed, but i can see where you are coming from and i hope that is the case.

If your discipline is depleted then your preparation plan wont work as it requires 21 discipline to activate.

I realise that you are trying for massive damage so i won't go too far into how to improve the build as it isn't meant for survivability and all that other good stuff.
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Thanks for the precision on rapid fire.
Well technically you can't really miss discipline since you'll just use to cast turret / preparation.

Do you know if we're still autoattacking while rapid fire is active though ?
(Like we're still autoattacking while casting steadyshot in WoW)

And yeah the point of this build is to make some big holes in your target. Survivibilty isn't the strong point of this build (since it has none)
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I brought up the discipline thing just because of you wording but yes you are right you shouldn't run out of discipline.

With regards to auto attack it doesn't matter the skill is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/passive/fundamentals and as such only affects basic attacks, you are using a skill not basic attack. I would say that you are extending the duration of the skill as opposed to auto attacking whilst using the skill.

I don't play WoW so sorry if i've miss-understood what you are asking.
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you are using a skill not basic attack. I would say that you are extending the duration of the skill as opposed to auto attacking whilst using the skill.

I don't play WoW so sorry if i've miss-understood what you are asking.

In wow as a hunter, you can cast abilities and still shoot autoattacks.

Aaawww damn if this doesn't work too my build is screwed... gonna have to find something else for rampage pewpew build.

Do you have access to the beta ?
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Auto attack doesn't continue when casting spells in diablo.
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