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I've been really enjoying ahi poke when playing.

1 pound diced fresh sashimi ahi tuna
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup sesame oil
1/2 cup chopped green onions
a few dashes roasted sesame seeds
a pinch of dried red pepper flakes (optional)
some chopped macadamia nuts (optional)

I miss Ahi poke, even if it was from the gas stations in Hawaii...

I'll prolly be snacking on a 2L bottle of some pop, and some non-greasy finger foods.
Carrs new "cheese sprinkle" crackers with either sliced brie cheese, or that cheese food that comes in the aresol can. Love both those cheeses equally.

Maybe if I get my 'uppers' by then I'll be able to have things like Beef Jerky, (can't have it now as hard jerky breaks my upper teeth)
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-SoBe (I don't care if they are expensive, they are good ._.)
-hot pockets
-Lays, Cheetos, Goldfish, BBQ lays
-any other tasty microwavable things

There is an advantage of having your micro fridge in your dorm room in chair scooting-to range.
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A whole lote of orange chicken
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McDonalds Coke with no ice (better than canned/bottled coke because of added sugar)

Plus McDonalds has a proprietary formula from Coca-Cola made especially for them, that's why their Cokes are the best : )
I eat noobs while I play.

and chocholate milk
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By the time D3 is actually released we'll all be eating soylent green
Cheese-its and dr pepper are my gaming food of choice.
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Like some others have said, I don't eat while actually gaming (too messy).

If I get a weekend to myself to dedicate to gaming, I will stop to eat one of the following:
1) Wake up, prep pot-roast and potatoes. Place in slow cooker. Enjoy later.
2) Wake up, marinade steak. Take a break and grill when hungry.
3) Italian sausage or brats on the grill
4) Order and pick up Pho
5) Pre-packaged pizza is good if I'm lazy
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Scrapple. Not Snapple. Scrapple.

I'm up for suggestions on something better :)
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I'll be drinking green tea and munching on some strawberrys/pears since both grow outside my window teehee. >:3

But if I'm in a junk food mood doritos. ^_^
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