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I'm a beta tester on Diablo3 since the huge key release (about a month ago), and I've played a lot! During my play, I found some irritants I would like to speak about. This is a repost from a reddit post I made (http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/q1bo5/small_improvements_to_the_game_that_i_think_could/) , people told me to try here too.

There's some minor changes that could benefit to the game. Nothing major like skills or runes revamp, just some minor UI changes that could make the game so damn better.

The Quest Log is horrible. For those who haven't seen it yet: http://i.imgur.com/4fzWV.jpg There's a huge lost of space, and you can't easily view past quests like in D2. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I liked the 6 squares D2 quests design.

The "Journal" function for books found is horrible. It's classed by most recent, and when you want to, let's say class it per person, it's still classed by most recent, but in "person" category. Ex: http://i.imgur.com/yCCAJ.jpg In this, I would like to have all the Lachdanan's Scroll together, from 1 to 4. I know this isn't useful, but I can't imagine finding all the scrolls on my 1st time. So when I'll get into nightmare and hell, I'll still find books so the numbers 1 to 4 can be really far a part. Doesn't help me reading them for sure =)

When I bring the map to fullscreen with tab or M (http://i.imgur.com/maUtR.jpg ), I would like to be able to move my character. Very often in cathedral lvl 4 I'm stuck at the other end of the dungeon and I bring up the map to help me find my path. But in the map, the left click button is assigned to moving the map around and the right button to center it on my char. So there's no way to move my character with mouse, which is sad.

Probably a bug, but some options doesn't save correctly. Mainly the alt button for items (toggle on-off, display for 10sec, etc.), the elective mode for skills and the advanced tooltips.

I would like to be able to map the secondary function of my spells when my ressource is too low. Let me explain: Right now, you can't map basic attack to anything, which is shameful, but I don't want to discuss that here. However, when you're out of ressource, trying to do a secondary attack makes a basic attack. I would like it if we could choose between basic OR primary attack when I'm out of mana.
Ex: I play wizard with the Axe (best item in beta yet), when I'm out of ArcanePower, I want to cast Magic Massile and not run to the ennemies trying to hit them with my axe. But it's not possible (except if I left click instead of right, but I want to cast Arcane Orb as soon as I have enough AP)

I would like to have the numbers of my life / ressource IN my bubbles. Maybe there's already an option for it (it should!) but I haven't found it yet.

The public chat is really too small. I don't want to talk about it too much (it's been discussed a lot), but I thought it was still belonging here.

I would like to have an option for the mobs health bars to be ALWAYS on, and not only once I do dmg to them.

The new skill UI is terrible. I hope it's a work in progress. For example: http://i.imgur.com/ocRvz.jpg I can't even see the lvl requirement for ice armor and energy armor because it's hidden by the huge-!@# arrows!

When I click on the select quest option (http://i.imgur.com/jmgII.jpg ), I absolutely have to click on the arrow to change. I would like to be able to click anywhere on the name.. minor but it's a pain in the $%^ to click the arrow xD

There is an arrow in Cathedral lvl4 telling us where to go.. http://i.imgur.com/o24nk.jpg but only in solo! I hope it's not intended, because it promotes solo gaming (easier to find the exit). Probably a bug though!

So.. that's about it!
If any option I would like already exist, I'm sorry and I would like to know about it!
To the grammar -*!@s, I'm sorry there's probably some mistakes, english is my second-language.

Have fun adding more!

ps: Wasn't sure if it belonged here or to beta feedback, but since I want everyone to see it I posted it here.
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02/22/2012 12:52 PMPosted by PapaNico
The Quest Log is horrible. For those who haven't seen it yet: http://i.imgur.com/4fzWV.jpg There's a huge lost of space, and you can't easily view past quests like in D2. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I liked the 6 squares D2 quests design.

yea d2 quest log was 10x times better

i really dislike looking into the d3 quest log
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Very insightful.
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One thing I'd like to mention is that being unable to move your character while the map is full screen was a design choice. I don't remember where the source is unfortunately, but it was a blue saying something to the effect of,"we don't want players running around just letting their map guide them and not looking at the scenery."

So that one almost certainly won't be changed until a few months of whining after release.

I really like your idea of being able to map a secondary attack. Maybe something like,"default attack" would be more intuitive. Which is always used when your primary attack cannot be used. This limits the functionality but I think it would be a lot easier to describe in short tool tips, probably the best we'd get.

As far as most of the UI changes, I wouldn't worry about these TOO much as I'm willing to bet it will be significantly overhauled similar to Starcraft 2's UI, that's usually amongst the last steps, after functional changes.
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I agree with pretty much everything here, with emphasis on the not being able to use the map and move. Kind of annoying having to tab-tab-click-tab-tab-click repeatedly just to see run in the right direction from the map.
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nice to see a productive post outside the usual - fix skills/runs etc.

I'd have to say I agree with all of those; the minimap i can live with but the journal and quest log and skill selection could be much cleaner and polished.
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