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what the hell kind of games you playing blizz


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I don't understand why I have not yet recieved a beta key from you guys, I've been with the company nearly a decade. Is that not long enough to be a valued customer? Instead of giving out beta keys through battlenet to people opted in forever and who deserve them, you give thousands of keys to 2nd rate websites and "fan sites" to make us scurry like little dogs to win a key. I'd figure with guild wars 2 beta right around the corner you would want to make sure your "loyal" customers had a beta key to make sure we are amped for this game. When you lose clients to other games, it will be the Blizzard company's fault. What you guys are doing with these contests really aint right. I think it is time to send out another 100k beta invites. You guys gotta do something. Please and thank you.
The beta selection is random.
Not this again.
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well them giving out thousands of keys to these crappy websites which Blizzard would normally not endorse. And it is not random that people with the best "bot" programs are winning all these contests. Why are you helping these sites make money blizz? With thousands of extra posters and hits on their webpages with all advertisments.
Beta keys to fan sites -> more traffic & activity on those sites -> more D3 hype (real or fake, I let you decide that) -> Blizzard is happy.
Keep trying...if you don't get in, you don't get in. It's just a beta after all
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A decade? That's cute. Battlechess. Orcs and Humans. Tides of Darkness. The Lost Vikings? Talking closer to 15-20 years. Does that mean I should be RAGING ABOUT THE BETA KEY I CLEARLY DESERVE QQ QQ QQ?

No, it doesn't. Makes you look like an entitled fool. Just sayin'.
Fansites actually contribute to Blizzard and its community. If you consider yourself so 'loyal' go make a fansite and contribute to what you're loyal to instead of crying and whining on the forums.

Get over it, most of us are 10 year+ customers, what's with the sense of entitlement?
A decade? I've been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft. That said, I kind of feel the same way. I've also been laid off and had ample time to play.
02/28/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Feeltheheals
I've been with the company nearly a decade. Is that not long enough to be a valued customer?

After 2 decades, Jay owes you a back rub, right?
If you are that adamant about Blizzard, you should have just started a D3 fansite and you would have a beta by now.

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its one thing to ask on here for them to give out another large group of beta's... but it doesn't mean anyone is entitled. I been a blizz fan since wc1... I know I dont "deserve" the beta..but would like it... however it is random....

try a fansite giveaway...

I hope you do not get a beta :) and i seriously hope you evolve to understand what they are trying to do... They need serious ppl to test beta and need diffrent kind of computer to test that also + they dont exacly know who has been loyal beside the new Bnet fonctions and seccond... your just a plain whiny baby :)
Dear God...
Probably Diablo 3.
02/28/2012 09:28 AMPosted by Ludwíg
I've been with the company nearly a decade. Is that not long enough to be a valued customer?

After 2 decades, Jay owes you a back rub, right?

I'd settle for one of those 5yr swords they give their employees.
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