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Witch Doctor focuses on control and slowing enemies. Big Bad Voodoo with slam dance provides the entire team with massive burst, as well as abilities to help keep that area clear so the team can stay in it for as long as possible.


Monk continues with control. I'm assuming enemies can't be afflicted by more then one %damage decrease at a time, so I didn't take crippling wave concussion rune with the resolve passive. The focus of the monk is to try to enemies away from everyone in the back, and if allowed to spam mantra of conviction for maximum damage.


The wizard is meant to be the primary source of AoE damage for fast clears of weak enemies. The wizard relies on both the monk and the witch doctor to keep enemies grouped and slowed so he can line up hits on as many enemies as possible. Archon is meant to be used with Big Bad Voodoo to maximize the damage buff. Teleport is used if he gets trapped and needs to retreat back to a safe pocket.


Demon Hunter is entirely single target damage, meant for downing hard enemies as fast as possible. Relies on the witch doctor and the monk to keep enemies away and slowed so that the demon hunter can maximize damage, and just fire away. Uses sentry and wolf to both increase single target damage further, and preparation for the defensive heal and to allow spamming of the wolf and sentry. The sentry provides a strong damage reduction that should always be up. Against large packs, should either try to focus the strongest (unlikely, probably behind too many enemies) or kill enemies that manage to get behind your team or break from the main cc area.


This team has constant slows, constant enemy attack slow, constant enemy damage decrease, constant damage taken decrease, constant enemy damage taken increase, with a strong attack speed increase and damage increase on a cooldown.

What's your team like?
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solo, that's what my team's like
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All n' All i like it. just wondering how much will change before release to keep your findings valid. but still good work =)
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man people must love wow

am i the only one that wants to kill everything allone? :|
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