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Two expansion characters

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Witch Hunter.

Weapons 1 handed maces/swords and mage hunter only large magic shields.

Main abilitys to summon holy and unholy magic weapons to help fight his enemies.

Main roll/abilitys, are support, and CC with stuns slows and various manipulation abilitys.

that sounds too much like 3 characters already in d3. especially considering the name is a mash up of two of them...
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Ummmm hmmmmmm wellllllll

How about

A Death Knight, I heard this idea before and it sounds pretty cool. Not a complete copy of wow of course. Im sure we could put some D3 spins on it.

Druid, I always loved the previous one in D2 but he just was a little underwhelming compared to the other chars. However I did see some pretty bad !@# hurricane druids.

Thief/Rogue/Assassin. I know that Demon hunter is close to that but DH has really no melee in them so basically same thing but a Melee version of the DH.

I know these all kinda suck, and are all wow characters but damn it I just cant think of anything. Diablos 5 champs really hit all the category's very well. So these 3 are pretty much the only thing I can think of that are somewhat different. The Death Knight sounds the best to me.
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i know for a fact the expansion class will be some kind of pally / knight / templar character who has skills that use a sheild ie: sheild bash etc..

they also probobly will bring back some kinda spear / javelin / lancer class as well.

other than those 2 i could see necros / druids a possibility.
and dont say WD is a necro because all necro fans know you cannot truly get that sense of zookeeper from a couple measly dogs.
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When speculating about what is going to be in the expansion for a game a good place to start is by looking at what was started and then cut from the core game. For example, in the expansion I expect to see the mystic, the talisman and charms, and maybe even the return of the cubes.

As for expansion classes, I seem to remember they had artwork for Skovos, but decided it wouldn't be in the core release. We might see it in an expansion(it is a new zone, its an island- aka blizzard double whammy!) and if we do we're likely to see a class that fits the theme of the zone.
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Dark/Light Angel.

Dark Angel uses duel flails/Lances/Spears

Resource: Dark matter

Light Angel uses Duel Swords/Daggers.

Resource: Light matter

Abilities Dark: Inevitable fate, creates a dark vortex on location where it sucks all enemies into said location doing damage.

Abilities Light: Undying heart, turn 1 said enemy into a force of light causing them to do your bidding till killed or taking control of another enemy.

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If I were to guess, I'd say that the two expansions characters are already made and are being tested with occasional changes to spell and such.

Usually they have most of the stuff done wayyyy before any information is leaked.

That being said, I'd love to see a primary shield-using hero and some kind of a shapeshifting hero sort of like the Druid from D2 but more evolved with more options.
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The Golem is an Angelic magic construct of inert pottery and stone forged to stand against the rising tide of demons by self replicating to match the threat. A class that seeks to address the need for a tanky knighty hole in the roster, with a visual twist unlike anything in the series. An appearance along the lines of a terra cotta army figure, or samurai statue, or korean hwarang, with a 'glow' from the pivot points where the magical energies holding it together. Gear would change the model of the stone body part. Specific items appear as different 'north asian themed' stone works pieces of marble, slate, pottery etc with dyes changing the inner glow of magic holding it all together.

Mechanic: Resolve. Gain resolve in direct proportion to unmitigated damage taken as a percentage (pre-reduction, with damage taken being post-reduction. Spend resolve to use abilities to perform varius replications of itself. Resolve does not deteriorate over time other than by use.

Partial Replication: (low*) resolve: Drop a magical replication of main hand weapon as a melee sentry point for 50% of weapon damage for 10 seconds at 5 meters. Up to 3 replications may be active at a time.

Unexpected Anomaly: (low to mid*): Create a magical replication of off hand weapon for 50% ranged weapon damage for 20 seconds to 15 meters. Up to three replications may be active at a time.

Essence Replication (low to mid*): Drop a crystal which grants an area effect buff to damage resistance equivalent to off hand shield for 10 seconds up to 25 meters

Total Replicatication (high*): Create a perfect facsimile of character with skills that operate at 1/2 damage output and whose replications will act at 1/4 output for 10 seconds.

*costs left empty due to having 0 idea of what kind of numbers are flying around.

The basic feel of the class would be a lone golem which starts to take damage, which begins replicating turrets and area buffs, basically creating larger and larger footprint with more and more damage
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Kung Fu Panda. Oh wait... that's been done.
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02/25/2012 10:31 PMPosted by D3BETA

obviously not, have you seen the game lately? lol

coming from the guy who just suggested a pirate and a vampire for future expansion classes.....

I lol'd. What can he say though? He made his GF watch Twilight.
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Cultist - One that has studied demons and partaken in demonic rituals giving them a bond with the dark energies.

He would have powers like mastery over lower level demons (can 'charm' monsters to fight for him). He could resurect defeated demons to fight for him (revive from d2). He could summon demons/undead to fight for him (skeles from D2).

The he would have 'rituals' that would debuff groups of enemies (curses from D2). A cool idea would be rituals that drain from enemies and then buffs your pets. Like you could attack speed debuff a group of enemies and it would be like draining strength from them and transfering it to your pets giving them an attack speed buff.

And then top it off with some warlock-esk dark magic offensive attacks.

So basically a modified necro from D2.
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The problem with Paladin / Necromancer expansion characters is they are kinda covered by Monk / WitchDocter. Different flavor but the aftertaste is the same. I would love to see the druid come back. Second expansion character = Archivist

Cultist - One that has studied demons and partaken in demonic rituals giving them a bond with the dark energies.

He would have powers like mastery over lower level demons (can 'charm' monsters to fight for him).
Witch Doctor already has that spell. Mass Confusion
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They should release a class for the next expansion pack that is more of a traditional melee character.
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Paladin is maybe covered by monk. WD sorta covers the poison/bone necro but doesnt capture IMO the true essence of the necro (20man skele army lagging up your screen fighting for you) + a whole tree of utility curses.

I love playing utility classes but there isnt a class in D3 that can consistently (skills not on long cooldowns) use utility to help group mates and yourself. There IS utility spread out among the classes but I would very much enjoy a summon and utility focused character.
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History fixed.

1: Barbarians were those in ancient times who were not Greek. A Greek term.
2: Mostly acceptable I guess, but longbowsmen have nothing to do with demon hunting. The repeating crossbow was high impact piercing weapon rather than a siege one also.
3: Buddhism is Indian, but this seems to be Shao Lin inspired, which is Chinese.
4: Voodoo in itself is Haitian, and the foundations of that were brought there by African slaves.
5: Magic substantially predates the Arthurian legends. The Bible for instance speaks of sorcery in use prior to the Christ.

D2: Act 2 is Egyptian to those who can't tell.
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