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Two expansion characters

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02/25/2012 09:54 PMPosted by SiNfamous
vampires have been down to carry swords....and glitter....

I LOL'd.
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I'd like to see eventually being able to play some sort of demon depending on how the storyline goes in this origonal release. A succubus would be a lot of fun to play i think and hey so what if they are evil as long as they arent under control of one of the prime evils.

throughout history people have allied themselves with some pretty bad people for a means to an end even though both sides idea of end is different i.e. the allies and stalin in wwii. Why should the people of Tristam be any different?
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Would an alchemist fit? Melee spell-user who focuses on alchemical potions and transmutations to augment him in battle, possible shape change? Would be funny if you could smash a potion on your body to grow an additional arm to pound enemies, similar to resident evil. Resource system could be based on potions, vials, cooldowns, transmute times, etc.,

I'd also like to see a class that had a double-edged sword type of mechanic. For instance, failed sorcerer's apprentice summoned a demon that spawned a half-blood out of his corpse, like Alien. This child grew up not knowing his dark heritage, and struggles to make sense of his life. Every consecutive attack, skill, or ability used, increases your potency, but decreases your humanity. Succumb too far, and your twisted, inner demon will come forth, gaining abilities, but possibly losing control of your character, losing %hp per second, causing enemies killed to burst with nightmares of your past, attacking you, etc.
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pretty awesome idea Zane ^^.

I would probably suggest a thief with the ability to throw gold for damage, many stealth abilities, etc.

lol, Wow, throwing money at the problem? He should be called the Politician! But I guess politicians and thieves are one and the same *pats self on back for clever joke*
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1. Druid - has 3 different forms available.

#1 Caster that uses something like mana - think D2 vines, pets, natural forces
#2 Tanky animal form (probably bear) that generates and uses rage
#3 Agile animal form (probably feline/wolf) that uses a quick regenerating resource like arcane power

- Having an animal form on your skill bar could take up 2 slots. So, you could go straight caster and have 6 slots available. Or have a caster that has 4 skills with 1 animal form, or go with a caster that has 2 skills and have access to 2 forms.
- While in caster form, mana regenerates like the witch doctor (pretty quick).
- When you switch forms, the resource becomes split like demon hunter so you can always see your mana.

It would be fun if this class was dynamic, and was best played with frequent switches between forms with some sort of incentive to switch back and forth.

2. Shield user, thinking more along the lines of Death Knight. Paladin is too similar to monk

And yes I played wow a little bit, don't hate

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