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Grug's Late Night Thread - Critters

♦♣♠♥ Grug's Late Night Thread ♥♠♣♦
Does your posting schedule not match the majority of the community? Do you enjoy discussing and debating Diablo 3 into the wee hours of the morning? Well, fellow night-owls, this is your spot. Because the night isn't over until you say so!

Tonight's topic is Critters. Not everything in the wilderness of Diablo 3 is trying to kill you. Several animals are just trying to make their way in the world. Rats, cows, and other critters can be found minding their own business until they are unceremoniously stepped on or exploded.

Do you like critters in Diablo 3? Do you condemn or condone just how slaughterable they are? Any specific animals that you hope will be included?
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Lol Ronlander, excellent 4 year old impression.

As to critters, love me, but think there they are clustered oddly. As in, no critters for ages, then 30 odd mice will run off when the hero enters a basement or new area.
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They are much less of a challenge to step on compared to Diablo II. True Story
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I was aware of critters in D3, I was not aware they could be slaughtered.

Interesting. Can't say I didn't try to take a few swings at those cows in Diablo 1.

Or chasing the chickens in Diablo 2 rogue encampment just to step on them and see them flip out....good times.
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I remember being able to step on spiders and rats in Diablo II. I thought it was a nice touch.

From what I have seen in the beta they have done even more intricate things with critters which I am particularly fond of.
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diablo 3 need cows, preferably wielding axes
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02/27/2012 12:27 AMPosted by Chaeron
diablo 3 need cows, preferably wielding axes
Cows are already in Diablo 3. There's a video of them getting Whirlwinded by the Barbarian from Blizzcon 2009.
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