Diablo® III

So long cowboy!

My second favorite formula for westerns is the cowboy vs industrialization. He is mean and he is tough and no one is like him. He knows where the best harlots hang out, hes got the quickest draw, and men of the city tremble at the mere mention of his name. But with this formula comes self realization of the cowboy, that he is alone in his desire to keep the world uncivilized and wild. Why would he want change, the wild west is the playing field in which he thrives. The out come of these tales usually end in one of two ways; Either the cowboy dies at the hand of some ironic fate (like a rattle snake gets him and no one is around to help him), or the cowboy tries to hopelessly assimilate into modern society and is eventually done in by some pencil push banker.

The gaming industry evolves and will continue to, endlessly. Around the time of Diablo 2, video games still carried many stigmas. Stigmas like, gamers are lazy, they are wasting their lives, and last but not least that they were greasy fat socially awkward virgins. Was this true? Of course not.

Gaming has taken a huge leap from this perception. hasn't it? I couldn't name one person that doesn't play apps or Facebook games. where I work there is an older gentleman that smokes cob pipes, reads old western novels, and would make you wet your pants with fear if you played him in a shooter. Much like the wild west changing into suburbs, the face of the gaming industry is now so diverse you could find yourself being schooled by your mom in arena.

The cowboy is like the Diablo 2 player. He likes things complicated. He likes his terrain rough. He likes the rules of engagement to be on his terms. He enjoys his over complex systems to keep casual players in their place. He likes willing and dealing in a currency that makes sense only to some one that has invested as much time as he. He likes the fact that, unless some one commits 100% to becoming a cowboy, they could never hope to compete with him.

Unfortunately for the cowboy gamer, his days are nearly gone. There is simply no logical investment in it. How could there be? Either you cater to a small minority that thrives in exclusion. Or you create a great game that is wholly inclusive. It is the era of the gamer in that soon it will be hard to find some one that doesn't wear that label proud. By the same hand it is also the death of a kind of gamer.

My Favorite western genre is the one in which the cowboy joins society. He bides his time and plays by the rules. Every one forgets how ruthless he was, how legendary. Then when one day when the corrupt banker takes everything away. The cowboy raises up with a righteous furry and shows the city folk that he alone is one bad !@# mother $%^-er.

So that's my challenge to you D2 purest's. Stop slinging your hate. Stop winning. You and your kind are long forgotten. Instead join the common folk and prove how good you really are.

Unless you're afraid...
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What is with the walls of text that people post here these days? I thought this was a discussion forum with so much text, that's a pretty one-sided discussion. The only reason I even clicked on this post was because of the title. It reminded me of Cowboy Bebop which made me think of SWTOR because the guy who does the voice for Spike Spiegel does the voice for the Sith Inquisitor companion Andronikos Revel.
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02/27/2012 04:24 PMPosted by D3BETA
The cowboy raises up with a righteous furry

Gross, dude, no one wants to read about your fetishes
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This is hilarious. And yes I come from the depths of most vile scum on earth, the d2 hardcore community.

...where we stand outside of view-able distance and spam into the dark.
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