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So I was just browsing the forums a bit and some of the old archived news and I guess I got to thinking a little bit. I have a few ideas of what might be cool to have in the game at some point. I will just bullet point some things with a few thoughts below them. That way you can skim and read more about the ideas that caught your interest or disgust!

1. An armor affix that when hit, the player has a percentage chance of receiving mana (maybe other skill resources too) or health by either of the following.
- Globes
- An immediate fixed amount (flat or percentage)
- A gradual region over a fixed time (flat or percentage gained)

This is exciting and opens up a lot of itemization options. For a few examples, perhaps you want to build your character to get the most benefit out of globes so having globes version is best. If you are melee with a lot of health, perhaps the immediate percentage recovery of health is what you are looking for. If you are witch doctor, maybe you want to have the gradual region of mana to free up a mana region skill slot. There are many player choices to be had with this affix that has no general right or wrong answer.

2. Weapon affix in which for each kill made by the player (directly or by the player's summons) a charge is created to the weapon. When the charge reaches the max number, the player and all summons of the player receives life leech along with a percentage increase to damage for some amount of time.
- Each charge will have the visual effect of creating or very moderately increasing the graphic of a bloody looking glow around the character. The visual changes to indicate the effect is taking place and when the effect ends the character looks normal again.
- The max number of charges can differ per weapon. The more charges you need to activate the non-visual bonuses, the more potent and longer lasting the effect is. These can be banded. For example 100-150 charges is "level 1" of this affix.

I think this is a cool affix because it has a visual aspect to it that gradually builds up. The player also has to decide if more charges or few charges will be better for them. It has some player specific strategy involved as well. Lets say you find a powerful champion. You can kill all the demons in the immediate area and perhaps activate your weapon affix before going back to kill the champion. You could also try and start a boss fight with an added bonus if you wanted.

3. Option to always show item names on screen like "alt" in D2 did when held.

I don't know if this is already in D3 but it might be nice (I haven’t played the beta so I don't know) to be able to turn this on all the time.

4. Weapon affix that, when killing blow is made, has a percentage chance to resurrect the killed monster and have it fight by your side.
- The monsters risen will never die unless killed.
- risen monsters will benefit from everything just as a summoned unit would
- risen monsters have vitality and dps in some relation to the player's
- Higher percentages on a weapon lead to weaker risen allies. These can be banded. For example 1-5% can be associated with "level 3" of this affix and 6-10% is "level 2".

This is homage to the necromancer that everyone seems to be in love with. The skill could more or less be a copy paste of the skill in D2 with appropriate adjustments. There are a lot of player decisions to make in what they would consider "the best" for their play style. Perhaps it makes sense for one player to accumulate a larger group of weaker monsters while someone else finds it more beneficial for fewer but stronger.

5. Auction house accessible in the Game Lobby
- Accessible in a tab similar to the ones in Starcraft or whatever is equivalent in D3 right now
- Able to select any character to compare items with
- Bought item directly put in shared stash
- Can auction items in shared stash

I just think it is kind of silly (if true) to have to go into a game in order to use the auction house and then annoying to have to go with each character if you want to see if an item is better or not.

6. All gold is account wide.

Not sure how the mechanics work right now but gold should not be character specific but instead account wide. If there is a gold penalty for death (like in D2) then when one enters town (or exits the game), all gold currently held is automatically put into the stash. This allows for the gold penalty to still exist. If we have a shared stash to put items in, then all gold collected should automatically be put into the shared stash for all characters to use. It is just a hassle to work around this if we want to give gold to other characters for some reason.

7. Select multiple items to sell or disassemble at one time
- There could be a sell/dismantle box that is just as large your inventory space and all you have to do is click your item to bring it to that box. When you are ready just confirm it.

I don't know how long this sort of stuff takes but having to click a magic item to be dismantled, then click ok, then wait for the action to be performed before clicking the next item, can be time consuming. The time can be significantly cut if we do the order described in the bullet. Even if we have to wait for each action to be performed before the next in queue starts is faster and promote conversation in groups as you have more idle time to talk in and no reaction time to add.

8. "Set" affixes (perhaps "super" affixes)
- Certain combinations of affixes will unlock a more powerful affix that can be in addition or replaces those affixes that unlocked the new one
- Can be cosmetic or for battle

One example of this is if you have enough magic find and gold find affixes you also gain the added affix of your character sparkling and/or gold drops sound different... To avoid social drama, the visual would only be on your screen.

Another example could be that you have three affixes all doing pretty much the same thing, say "when hit causes damage to attacker", but each affix is a different element, say fire ice and lightning. Since you have all three of these, a new affix is revealed to you that increases your resistance to those elements or maybe you also have the added chance when hit to release a tri-element aoe attack resonating from your current location.

Although it is not needed this gives a similar flare to having rune words in D2 for people to try out and discover. There are also countless player decisions that can arise from this as well. Simple example is "Do I equip this statistically better piece of armor and lose my "super" affix or keep my "super" affix and hope to find an item that can replace the affix I would lose first?" Developers can use this mechanic to make lower level affixes relevant again in mid, late or end game! Countless ideas and mechanics can be implemented with this.

9. Character and account wide statistics.
- Like in D1, when a monster is highlighted, show how many of that type has been killed in that specific game and when enough are killed, you get more information on that monster.
- Record overall kill data similar to how WoW has it but more specific (down to the simple fallen and as obscure as randomized champions)
- A Bestiary log that is unlocked/updated as you kill enough of that type of spawn of hell.
-WoW Statistics page but Diabloized I suppose

Not sure what blizzard has in game already or plans to do but stats are always fun to look at and I miss those D1 features I mentioned.

That’s a few of my Ideas. Don't be shy to comment and applaud/flame me. I would love to hear what Blizz thinks about some of these.
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Did I really not inspire any converstation at all? That is highly disapointing...
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I picked the worst time to make something like this I guess since the new patch came for beta but this kind of talk is fun and creative with no complaining so I will try again to lure a conversation!
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Ok, I think the forums died down a bit. Hopefully that means people are willing to talk again!

If your all not that interested then at least my last sentence is a typical one for people to go all balistic on as well =p
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Here I responded feel better? : )
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i think ill speak for everyone and say tldr
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tldr and a few years late...
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I don't understand the last two comments...

Things are sectioned off so you can read waht you want to read. There is no need to read everything if you don't want to. Also, there are patches and expansions. The majority of these things can be implemented at any time.
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