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Crafted items way overpowered?

I'd rather have my good items be from drops than from crafting, and based on the beta it looks contrary. I'm sure near end game that the rare set/legendary drops are the real powerful items. I just think it's more fun to pull a good item off a rare you battled than sitting on a stool in front of blacksmith for 20mins while you craft over and over.
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You seem to forget that inferno item tier may be higher then the highest craft also acquiring the highest crafting recipe may be hard in its self.
Then once you have gotten " The Best Recipe Drop in the Game " you can craft items of high value.

Now note the higher level items have a higher amount Variable Affixes. so lets look at the Variables:

Random drop:
Enemy/Chest -> Equipment -> normal, magical, rare, set, unique
Enemy/Chest -> Gold -> quantity
Enemy/Chest -> Potion -> type -> quality
Enemy/Chest -> Material -> type -> quality
Enemy/Chest -> Gem -> type -> quality
Dismantle -> quality of dismantled item -> material -> type -> quality -> quantity

Random drop - Equipment - tier - Quality - is it rare -affix amount - are affixes good for you - are affixes high

Random drop - Recipe - tier - Quality - is it rare - Equipment piece slot - do you have

Craft rare equipment - Crafting Requirements - affix amount - are affixes good for you - are affixes high

Now take into account you will NEED good items to make crafted items which are good ONLY after you have FOUND the best recipe, to make an item that MAY be able to be a Higher Tier of item that can be found.

So there inst really an issue you are still technically FINDING the best item even if you craft it because you have to FIND the recipe that is the best in slot, then FIND the items to DISMANTLE to make an item with RANDOM Attributes that MAY be max of the ones you want on said item.
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keep in mind magic items suck
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