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Spike trap animation bad, Huge let down.

The title says it all. The spike trap animation imo is horrible. This may sound silly to some, but for me this is very important. I was planning on my main character being a DH that focuses on traps; therefore, my build would be made to make spike trap more effective.

The original animations of spike trap seen when they revealed the Demon hunter were amazing. It was a bunch of buzz saws coming out of the ground shredding the enemies apart. It ended up being a huge tease.

Since playing beta, and seeing the many other skills the demon hunter has, we have enough explosions. I am going to get very board if every animation I have is just explosions! Spike trap, how it was, was so different and visually pleasing. It brought a new level of awesomeness to playing the class. But now with the current base animation being just an explosion it is so boring! more of the same!

YES, I understand this is the base animation, but even so it should still have spikes that come out since its name is SPIKE trap. Also, since I was planning on focusing on a traps build, I was going to use bandoiler (increases the amount of traps you can lay). I doubt the animation for this rune will be different then the base since all it does is increase the amount of traps you can have out at once. That is why I am begging blizzard to fix the base animation of this skill to have huge spikes shoot out of the ground, or go back to the old animation.

Some may not understand, but this is a very big deal to me. I was so excited to use this skill prior to seeing this new animation. This obviously isn't enough to make me not want to play DH anymore, but this definitely was a big blow to my excitement.

I know many may not agree, but I really had to get this out there to see if anyone else is having similar feelings about this.
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I like it.

Opinions are opinions.
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Yea its boring but a huge letdown? No.
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For reference.. this is the original badass spike trap, along with the cooler old elemntal arrow


EDIt: And I agree with the op, I really wanted to use spike trap because of how awesome it looked and how I felt it fit with one of my builds.. but this new animation looks so meh that I will use one of the better alternatives for hatred gen.
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Could be a skill rune animation. The elemental arrow visual was probably a skill rune effect that left a fire line. But they didn't like it or something.
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I like it.

Opinions are opinions.

True dat. I'm just excited for all the rune effects of skills. Every skill will look great hopefull!
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I'm already not playing WD or Barb at release due to how they look. you should be happy you're only having issues over a single spell. lol

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I like it.

Opinions are opinions.

That's pretty lame, though. The animation is a black circle on the ground, that's it. Spinning spikes was WAY cool compared to that. I don't even want to build a DH anymore because of that.
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