02/26/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Starbird
Basically, the new rune system is going live and to me it's about damage control

Oh by all means. I agree, I was just riffing for a second.

If I understand your idea correctly though, you only wish for us to use 6 skill runes throughout the game?

If so, then why not go back to stat/skill points. I thought the problem in the first place was too much permanency (D2).

Although I would prefer this over every class having open access to skill runes at all times (once unlocked).

> I agree that it's crap to lock us out of customization until Inferno, but what can you do? Blizzard aren't going to back down at this point.

Actually, is your post supporting the OP, disagreeing with the OP or is this talking about the rune system in general?

...My head hurts.

Totally supporting StarBird.

yeah my head also hurts. Ignore most of what I post, most of the time, its usually rambling.

Mainly, I am mad because of the whole, locked out of customization until level 60 nonsense.

I would really like to know who cooked that one up in Blizzard. Bad Idea is Bad.

Having the system the way it is, JUST so players unlock something at every level is not right.

There has to be a middle ground. Does Blizzard actually think everyone playing D3 will get to Inferno...cause I don't.

So they are pretty much making it so a large portion of the player base (i would bet the majority) will not get to see or use every rune in action.