I'm an avid follower of Diablo and have had some of my best gaming experiences in Diablo 1 & 2.

Diablo 1 to me was actually my first PC game, it corrupted my Catholic raised mind with demons and blood. The ambiance of the game gave me everlasting nightmares. The story kept me wanting to learn more about the world of Diablo (WoD?).

The first thing I remember from Diablo 2 was it was also delayed released yet it did not disappoint. I used all my savings to get my hands on this game and dedicated months of my life making a Necromancer. Also shame on you for making my young heart jump in glee when i found "Leather Armor of the Whale" - Could of sworn I found the greatest item in the game (like in Diablo 1). I've never reached the level 99 but I never cared. The best thing in that game by far - The MFing. So fun a friend and I teamed up with 2 MF sorcs and combined our findings to gear out experiments. I even started a Smiter before it was the cool thing to do. To this day I feel like no game can top it in gameplay.

Now comes the 3rd installment. I'm many years older, wiser and yet I feel like Diablo 3 may lead me to boredom quickly. Why? Well I have a few questions before It comes all clear to me.

Where is the dark theme?
--Right now I feel like the game is nothing but a zombie with a clown nose on it. "Your gold, don't spend it all in one place" - "Your health, lose it all and you're dead". The enemies death "sounds" don't nowhere sound as intriguing or frightening, all I hear is SPLAT!, did you hide poo in the zombies and light them on fire and chuckle in the bushes a few feet away while I bash them?
--I know you lack the time to add epic killing animations, and I want nothing more than the game to be released but with the amount of time that went into development on certain things I feel like you guys are going to release a spoon instead of a chainsaw. (what I mean by this, is you promise a great game but everything you spent a large amount of your enthusiasm in was later removed while the things with no real thought/time, first things completed remain).

Are you removing the end game item hunt?
--As I mentioned above I really enjoyed the Magic Find feature of Diablo 2. Am I asking for hours of killing a single boss just for loot, No. I want to keep playing the game, over and over in the end but what incentive will there be? If I'm 60 I have all available Skills - Runes all I need is to become more powerful, but is item hunting for extremely rare items going to be in the game? I remember seeing something how rares will be the most powerful of items, am I understanding this right or will Unique items then be useless in endgame? In Diablo 2 some rare items were indeed better than uniques but you guys seem notorious of removing the irrelevant. Speaking of irrelevant, if the plans are to make the strongest of items be crafted then wouldn't MF be useless?
--Also with the few amount of levels I feel the amount of item randomness is incredibly smaller in Diablo 3 than in Diablo 2 so I feel like item hunting would be even more lackluster in this game. What I'm saying is in Diablo 2 had items you could eventually wear from 1 to I believe 85. Also with the removal of stat allocation even effects the lack of randomness items can have in the end.

How fast you expecting people to complete this game?
--I'm not talking re-playability here, instead I want to know why you have stats to items like "Increase Experience Gained". Is the idea to pass them on to my future alt characters to level them quicker? Or do you think it'll really help players? Will this stat be on end game items? I, and I'm sure many others, don't want to complete this game in a few no sleep, mountain dew fueled nights.

Are you planning to promote a main character aspect?
--In Diablo 2 I enjoyed my Necromancer, until I learned that "A Sorceress was better at this, Paladin was better at this" so on and so on. What it lacked what allowing me to play the character I enjoy and embed it with my own personality. I understand from a lore standpoint this won't make sense but, why can't I customize my character? I want a Mohawk on my Witchdoctor, different hair color on my wizard, a Tattoo that says "<3 Mom" on my Monk (okay maybe not). Also with a generic "All abilities scale with Weapon Damage" weapons will be more about their damage rather than fitting that character. When I saw Monks for first time I was ready to pound with my fist, but I'm seeing that a mace or sword will give more damage. I feel it entirely goofy that I'm in the end going to wear the final tier of armor/weapons and look exactly the same as others of same class when there is such a much larger array of armor graphics. Am I wrong to think this?

Why so much fear about being like Diablo 2?
--I think for many people they're interested in Diablo 3 because Diablo 2 was so great. In a sense "If it isn't broke, don't fix it". Of course we don't want the same game with the "Diablo 3" label slapped on it but you guys seem significantly afraid of things that made Diablo 2... Diablo 2. Stat Allocation? - Sure this was a bummer thing for new players not knowing what stats to dump into for future gear but new players eventually become veterans and the math involved in stat allocation (same with Skill Points) gave people a set goal, made getting new gear interesting. I think your guys aim in Diablo 3 is mindlessly slay the demonic forces to level since thats all we need to worry about until things get difficult that maybe we'll occasionally swap out a rune/skill to take less damage or do more. But how is this acceptable? I want to feel rewarded for doing something difficult and have to put more thought into it so that the reward for it is even more fulfilling.

Do you guys feel like the skills and their animations live up to Diablo standards?
--I'm just concerned of more abilities that do nothing to benefit and ones that do aren't "intriguing" . Also on the topic of release date, don't you think optimizing the damage of these abilities be better left for release when the masses can work out the kinks in a greater finesse?

In the end I'm playing Diablo 3 as will many others. But as a consumer and a gamer I have my concerns about one of my favorites. I know you guys are wanting to get the game out to us as quickly as possible and with as few hitches as possible. It's either release the game too early and we can't play for a few months for all the bugs to get fixed or deal with it now and hope there is cake in the end.

TL;DR - Then this post wasn't for you :) .
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