02/23/2012 09:25 AMPosted by WirtsLeg
Diablo has and always will be a single player game featuring scalable co-op, and 95% of the time co-op is done with friends. How often did you group in Diablo 2 with random people?

Exactly why so many of us want a more usable chat system! I can't do co-op with friends if I have no way to make friends. Of my RL friends, maybe three or four will likely be playing D3, and only one shares my slower-paced play style. I would very much like to have a chat system where I can meet other gamers who play like I do; it would add to my enjoyment of the game tenfold.

I didn't like grouping with random people in D2, I liked grouping with people I found in the coop players channel and talked with for a few. We'd then set up a passworded game and have a good time running through it together. I sure as hell don't like grouping with random people in D3 beta, it's dreadful! Everyone rushes straight to the end, no one talks unless it's to express their impatience if I should dare to take more than 12 seconds to OK the boss trigger.

Random matchmaker games are all we're left with if we don't have decent chat as a social tool.

ive got a buddy who plays slow. i hate playing with him so i feel your pain.

i dont understand why blizzard isnt doing a more advanced chat system. with the pace of gaming what it is today its hard to make friends in a game room. chat is the best option of a meet and greet imo. id like to see a more advance chat system or at least a little more flare.