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How chat should look.

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look familar bliz....

Congrats RWITZ you got my thumbs up on this and everyone else that is for this.

Also to note for blizzard.

All you had to do was upgrade the graphics,monsters, etc etc which you have already done and bring from D2 was the chat rooms maybe give them some kind of new look but keep the operations the same way and also bring the stats and skill tree system from D2 with your new rune system from patch 12 not 13 because patch 13 is very awful. You people at blizzard really need to consider this persons idea and at least give it a try.
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++ up it goes. Very cool
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02/20/2012 08:37 PMPosted by RoflStomped
Like and post some thing if you want to get this noticed
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This would be very nice but I doubt we'll see anything like it
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omfg this is awesome
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I'm with some other folks in that I'd prefer the character on the left with the chat on the right hand side, but my concern is how it would look on a 4:3 monitor
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inb4 nothing happens
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Looks great.
Great work OneTwoSC!

All you nitpickers should realize this is just something one person threw together in a few hours, of course it's not perfect, but it is the best example of what players want we have seen yet, so cut the guy a little slack ok?

Anyway, my contribution is that this screen should be what appears only after you click the "PUBLIC CHAT" button on the main screen. This should not be a default screen because it looks intimidating to new users and many people don't want to ever see public chat and they shouldn't have to. The current main screen should remain default and this screen should be optional.
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Omg!! It looks awesome!! This is definitely how Bnet should look like. +1
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