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How chat should look.

+1 We gettin enough attention to this yet? Blizzard, you there?
This is definately great! +1
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That actually looks great.

I support this.

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+1 looks just like the old days
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+1 Soooooo much better !!
Looks good to me.

/thumbs up
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02/20/2012 09:37 PMPosted by DarkGollumQC
I hope that blizzard will not feed they Avatars nostalgia.

It's not just nostalgia...

People want to be able to show off their characters to everyone. Which isn't a bad thing considering.

If they do buff the chat/lobbys, which I hope they do, they could always keep a checkbox for 'Simple Chat', and keep everyone happy.
That looks... amazing. I'm not even a fan of chat channels. The centered buttons look weird, fix that and I'd gladly have that in game.
Given the passion this community recently showed for a robust chat system, I can't believe Blizzard thought for one second that the current iteration of bland, featureless bnet 2.0 chat would appease even one percent of players wishing to use the system.

For the sake of endless replayability, they must have something better on the way than this first draft.

This is a pretty good mesh, good job.

Although to be honest i could hire 9 out of 10 kids from a 5th grade class, and they would have designed a better chat system then whats in patch 13.
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+ 1 !!!!!!
Please Blizzard implement this!!!
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that looks pretty sweet! sticking in random auction house items in that bottom right area would be sick!
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I really like this setup. I hope Blizzard developers see this! Good job man.
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I do like this as an improvement as well. It's everything I would want it to be, but my concern would be Blizzard's take on it. They don't want a new player to be thrown into something this overwhelming. If you had never played a Diablo game and this is what you saw when you logged in, you wouldn't have a clue what to do or press.

Something *like* this would be great.
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