Diablo® III

Looking for positive D3 players

I plan on having a casual char and a more competitive one. Probably Wizard for casual, and Demon Hunter for hardcore.
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Already in a clan named Unlimited but I wish you the best of luck on your quest!!!

Maybe we can murder each other in the arena if you guys get rolling and they allow custom games! XD

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I am interested in a "Clan" but I prefer people that are up to chat on skype/teamspeak while playing D3 and have a good time.

I also prefer players of age 25+ =)

It would be also cool if Clan members would be D2 veterans, meaning they know their stuff etc.

I had for example multiple lvl 99 chars (1x Barb, multiple palas, multiple sorcs), I expect that Clan members had at least lvl 95+ chars which shows me they mean business when it comes to playing this game. =)

With the amount of people already expressing interest I don't think you will have a problem finding at least 3 people within the group that meet your play style. I personally am a D2 vet but a year off of 25 lol. In my experience age and maturity don't always match up though lol.
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If we don't come up with a name, just call it <Emarosa>. We can jot this name down and then find you again if this thread dies. I assume they'll start a guild forum before launch, so you can revive our group again in there. Wow, posting with sincerity rocks. :)

Sounds good bro, I will do that in place of an epic chili demon slaying moniker for our clan.
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I'm kinda interested in the clan.
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hey.. I'm 21 and don't scream into my mic...
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Count me in.
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02/21/2012 07:56 PMPosted by RedSky
I agree with you, and when I said 25+ I mean no kids that scream into mics, lets say 24+ ^^

Ya I hear you on that one, I also prefer to skype in the background, better co-ordination and better conversation. D3 uses very little internet so it won't cause lag issues on any decent connections.
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BSU, everyone is different, and likes/dislikes different things. This is intended to start a clan of people with a similar play style, in this case a positive gaming experience. I play games to relax and have fun, not to feel like I'm in a disrespectful environment. You can be as vulgar as you want and it doesn't bother me... in your own clan.
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Good day. I find this notion very splendid and would delightfully wish to partake in the festivities!

I suggest we call ourselves the Jolly Rogers. Wicked! (In a non-offensive tone)

Lol, whatever tone your using its pretty funny. Sarcasm is welcome.
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I am interested, where do I sign up?
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I'm a positive Patty and not a vulgar Victor. May I join? :)
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