Diablo® III

Hard to find: Character level (Single player)

The UI outside of menus is there to provide you with the relevant information you'll need on the fly. Knowing who is on your team is relevant, so it shows up in Co-op. (Plus, right-clicking your portrait in co-op brings up a menu with co-op specific options, I think, so there's a reason yours is there too.) You can see your life, resources, the time, where you are, what skills you can use, what menus you can open, and what computer-guided teammates you might have, such as summons or followers.

If you want to see data for your character, you open the character data screen which is also your inventory. It ain't no thang.
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On co-op mode, it's easy to locate your character level. It's on the top left hand side of the screen, along with the other human-controlled characters in the game and your companions(WD pets, ect).

In single player mode, all you have is your follower, and any summoned companions on the top-left hand-side of the screen. It's easy to see(as it should be) your followers level no-matter if you're in single player or co-op.

This patch I've been playing a lot more single player than I have been co-op, and I had trouble finding my character level since there is no avatar on the top left to tell me. It took me awhile to find it, but I eventually found it (top right of your helm in your inventory). It's tiny little white font, not the easiest thing in the world to see or to locate.

In D1, D2, WoW, finding your current level was easy. In D3 (single-player), I just think it's a little hidden. Especially compared to previous blizzard titles.

Can we get our toons avatar on the top-left hand-side of the screen at all times? No matter what mode we play.

you casuals just want everything
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