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An apology, to the dearest Monk

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I've always thought you were the most boring class since you were announced, both gameplay wise and lore wise. I thought you would have the same boring, not-so-awesome feeling combo style of the Assassin from D2. You've had no chance against the melee beast Barbarian in my eyes, you were just a wannabe, a bad concept all together.

Then I played the beta.

Boy, was I wrong. First of all, the combat feels amazingly responsive. I feel like I'm actually destroying the abominations in real life with my lightning fast strikes. Combo system is very, very satisfying in that I sometimes don't even want to bother with spirit spenders. After I got the Fists of Thunder and Dashing Strike combination (which means level 2 in Beta), I enjoyed the game so much right from the beginning to the max level in beta. Rapidly moving all around the place (especially with the "Way of the Falling Star" skill rune for the dashing strike), jumping from one enemy to another. There is not one second to stop. And most importantly I play not for the loot, not for the extrinsic rewards, but for the gameplay itself, the feeling of the fight itself.

In the end, I'd like to send my apologies to the designers of the Monk. I was wrong, this class is so much fun and I'm happy to be proven wrong.
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Felt the same way and completely agree. Will probably be my third class I play. I want to do a barbarian first then a wizard for something a little different.
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Glad to hear it! I'm stoked about playing a monk.
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Many on these forums will feel this way about the entire game. Just a feelin.
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As the official representative for the monk:

He has told me to tell you he accepts your apoligy....

HOWEVER, if you disrespect his honor again, he will give you so many Left hooks, you'll be begging for a right...

That is all... Peace be with you...
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My monk, however, is not so peaceful.

If you ever step in the game with him, he'll blow you up with a pillar of light before you loaded up properly.
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