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Incentive to use certain weapons

I believe this has been brought up before and I searched for a bit and couldn't find anything right away so I'm throwing this out there...

As I have been playing through the Beta, I realize that I have pretty much been choosing basic weapons for my characters based on DPS. I know this has kind of been the idea from the developers but it's also a little, hmm, boring I guess.

All this must be taken with a grain of salt because we are still in the Beta phase and all that good stuff...

Let's take the example of Mighty Weapons since I am a Barbarian fan. There is really no incentive to use them. The swing slower and maybe do marginally more damage than regular two-handed weapons. Maybe they could have built-in stat boosters to make them a more attractive/viable option, such as Fury generation increases, or strength increases, etc.

Another example would be the Monk using a Daibo vs. Fist Weapons vs. two axes. The Daibo doesn't give you any more range than the fist weapons (does it?). Neither of them made me want to choose them based on the fact that they were class-specific. I guess at an early stage, there seems like there is no benefit. The only benefit I could see at this point was that if you happened to find a rare/legendary/whatever class-specific item that made it better than whatever you were using at the time.

I'll apologize up front if this is something that has been beaten to death, but I have been trying to keep up on news/changes/forum content and wanted to share.
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Well for Barbarians, Weapons Master gives you a certain buff based on which weapon you are using. Also later in the game Barbarian only items will give +skills whereas I don't think normal items will.
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The bigest issue is the fact that weapon range is completely irrelevant in this gamer. i cleave just as far with a mighty weapon as i do with a dagger. This makes the barb gear completely useless since the size should imply a better range.
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coming back to this now...

but yeah, range is standard for all weapons so there has to be even more of a reason to use a mighty weapon of a shiv that has a higher dps (and also a higher attack rate for higher fury generation)
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I don't think you guys even used the handy item lookup that Blizzard has already put out. Heavy weapons do twice as much damage compared to daggers and they are both 1.5 speed. Just look them up.
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