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Why use 2 handed?

Am I the only pearson who feels that the 2 handed weapons have little or no power compared to the one handed. This might just be a case of bad luck but i have yet to see a 2 handed weapon that actually beats a 1 handed weapon when it comes to dps. I have not seen a rare weapon so i am talking about magic weapons and/or regular weapons here.
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My barb has the 2H flamberg from the blacksmith and has the highest DPS. I dual-wielded some weapons but that made my DPS drop.
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One thing to note is the difference between weapon damage and dps. Often you will have more dps if dual wielding, but might have higher damage with a 2 hander. If you are using skills with cooldowns it will be better to use the weapon with higher damage but lower attack speed. Also slower attack speed means more efficient resource use, which may mean more overall dps.

Also, what other gear you have can effect what weapon is most useful. If you have a lot of +attack speed on gear, you want a 2hander. If you have a lot of +damage on gear you want a faster attacking weapon.
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Abilities scale differently with heavy top end damage or high attack speed. Example impale for a dh would do more damage with higher top damage however hungering arrow would do more damage if it is shot more so it gets more pierces.
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yet to see a 2 handed weapon...

A decent Fuscina, double axe, and warden bow seldom drop.

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hungering arrow would do more damage if it is shot more so it gets more pierces.
provided you don't run out of enemies, its avg is 230% an arrow no matter how many you shoot.

going speed vs a larger damage weapon for maximization will depend much more on the proportion of your damage from other sources like rings & an amulet.
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