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At the end of Diablo 1

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senses deceived, and he unknowingly played right in to Diablo's hands.

I don't remember exactly where I saw that, but I know it was in something official.Read that somewhere before too. Definitely official, just buried somewhere within Blizzard's lore library.

Actually it says so in Diablo 1 if you pay attention to what everyone says and if you pay attention to what lazarus says in his books... Simply put he put it in his head because Diablo tricked him. Diablo actually couldn't leave the cathedral because his hosts where too weak he needed a strong host to take him out and travel east. So Diablo 1 is actually about him drawing you in to think that you defeated him and tricking you into thinking that you are strong enough to contain him inside yourself useing your body as a prison. when really (as planned) all you are doing is giving him a host strong enough. which is why at the end of diablo 1 it says you start traveling East.
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He hid it in his forehead!
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Alternatively, the Warrior, being the dumbest class, simply tried equipping it as a helmet. That's what he gets for spending too much time hitting things and not enough time reading.

I laughed.... SO hard...
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Just have to say playing through Diablo 1 in the day I was really confused when I just shoved the soul stone into my face at the end of the game. It made total sense later as I played Diablo 2 but in D1 itself it seemed a little confusing XD
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He didn't necessarily have access to a Hellforge at the time. Kinda limited in options.
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"Now I wonder whether, perhaps, it was Diablo's plan all along to lure the world's greatest champions down into the depths to test their strength and resolve and, in so doing, find the perfect host for his all-devouring evil" - The Book of Cain
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because you touch yourself at night
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