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Best character for MF Items?

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Which character would suit the roll as a Magic Find player the best?
Since MF items lack stats and will weaken your ability to survive end game, what character would be best to use?

I'm still waiting on beta, so this is just going off of reading and playing Diablo throughout the series. Is it easy to swap gear in Diablo 3? Do you swag gear before last hitting the boss?

    Demon Hunter
    Witch Doctor

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Since all of the skills and classes are based on your damage now, it will be less possible to focus only on mf like was possible in D2. In D2 you could have 900+ mf and still kill bosses pretty easily, just slowly. That may not be possible in this game, you will probably need to have a better balance between mf and offensive/defensive stats.

Best character, I would say WD could be good with summons and slows and cc so it may take longer to kill but you won't be taking much damage.

Edit: It is not that hard to swap gear, however I have not done it. I think the first time you kill bosses in later difficulties you may be more concerned about making sure you don't die, but if you are farming this may be more possible.
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can someone add more to this thread please. i am wondering the same thing, truely i want to play monk, i am a long time diablo fan but it seems fun with heals but i would like to know if u guys think it would mf well. barbarian seems to be a popular one. whats gonna be the top guys, there should be some kind of idea.
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Id also have to say WD
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ok how about WD discluded, for my preference i took the advice from WoW, and that was "stay away from the voodoo." i dont plan on making any WD in d3, and im sure ill be missing out, but theres so much more to offer in d3 than to be one of the many devilish scum that roams d3 lands. what would be another great mfing character??
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wizard of course
mad dps on a char that was glass regardless
wonder what the tal sorc will look like
tal wiz...
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Have to say, the wizard is pretty awesome, and since you can have +intell + MF on same the item you can do huge dameges and have a pretty good bonus in MF / GF (i.e. I wear a helmet that has +11 intel + 8% MF)
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03/20/2012 03:42 AMPosted by D3BETA
Have to say, the wizard is pretty awesome, and since you can have +intell + MF on same the item you can do huge dameges and have a pretty good bonus in MF / GF (i.e. I wear a helmet that has +11 intel + 8% MF)

Erm... you can have +Mf and +Str
Or +MF and +Agility

What's your point again?
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Wizard is doing massive damages in very short period of time, not hard to make a massive killing with a single spell (at this moment I have a record of 98 kills in 1 strike, which champ is able to do the same?).
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My personal choice would be a wizard. When you MF you basicly want range. I would say any ranged in Diablo3 will be a better choice than a melee. Let us say you stack 1000 MF. On a melee you would get one shotted and hit like a small child. On a range you may still hit like a small child but you're further away. With diablo 3 it might even be unreal to do Inferno in pure MF gear alone. None of us can say because it's not here yet.

Wizard has Worm Hole Teleport. Zip through the game looking for rare spawn mobs. Elites are what you want and you can get around faster as a wizard skipping all the trash you don't really want.

Barbs can gain extra loot by runing a skill (slips my mind as of what it's called) Which could make them the best MF char? Idk how well it will play out in game.

WD's will be good if your looking for a slow grind. If you played D2 maybe you did cave runs in act 1 on your skelemancer. Pets CC. Not my favorite way I think it might end up being the most effective way to kill monsters but a skilled player using a Wizard will be far more productive.

Demon hunters will be... probably better then I give them credit for. They have great defencive stay alive moves. PVE I don't care much for the Demon hunter. In D3 arena is where I think they will shine. Maybe if you want to MF and do back flips lol. They probably will be decent at MF when it comes to killing stronger mobs.

Monk having it's only flaw being it's a melee. You might want to say oh they have heals! Eh. won't be that easy. Run in get hit in the face, RED FLASH, heal yourself. Get in in the face dead. Melee just don't make for the best MF due to lack of stats in Maxed out MF gear. Though as a side note I plan to make a Monk for gold find. They can pull all mobs to them within 34 yards if runned correctly. So if you made a goldfind set went back and Solo'd Hell quickly. Time+gold would make a great profit. Inferno would be slower and you would die more thus making gold farming less effective in inferno.
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Looks to me like a support monk with a team of friends would be very good.
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I dont know which will be the best, but ill go with the DH!!
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Ive played with people using mf wd and they say its good.
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