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Jay wilson tweet HC RMAH!

Do you want a currency-based AH for Hardcore characters?

This poll has ended - Mar 14, 2012
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THank You JAY!!!

He said if there turns out to be a demand for the RMAH in HC they will consider it! WOoHOOO!

Players are going to buy items. Period. It is going to happen. The question is who will get the money/be the sellers sleezy 3rd party sites, or regular players. I don't know about you guys. But I support regular Joes, and I want my piece of the item selling pie.

If you oppose the RMAH you aren't opposing item selling, cos' items will be sold and bought no matter what get over it. You are opposing PLAYERS getting to make the sales and some money.

Don't fight the little man just to be tools for the third party sites to make profit. Support the RMAH because it supports regular players not third party sites.

Please bring the RMAH to HC. I'm a dedicated HC player and I WANT to sell items for MONEY. And I don't care if it isn't a lot of money, better than tons of left over items I'll never use and don't need just sitting in my shared stash forever.

There will otherwise be 3rd party sites selling items, and players buying said items.

The only difference is without a RMAH I don't get to SELL ITEMS. I want MY piece of the item sales pie. I don't see why shady third party site owners should be the only ones to get to make a few bucks.

Good players like me will get great gear and make money. Bad players will die over and over and over, and everytime they die I make money.

AM I worried about a player getting more powerful than me buying my items? All I can say to that is L-O-L R U joking?

Selling items is at least some sort of end game. If they add RMAH to HC I'll be super stoked, and be happy to have zero reasons to play softcore past level 10.

WoooHOOO THank you JAY!!!
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Oh hell... no...
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doubt this will ever happen considering HC player makes up only a small % of player.
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I would not love for HC to have RMAH
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If they make a RMAH for hardcore I'll be forced for the first time ever to make a hardcore character, in the regular game items will be hot around release and christmas time (when new waves of people come in) but eventually it will die, HC is full of people dieing and having to rebuy their new gear, with the former I feel as though I won't be able to make any money at all unless I just get lucky, but with hardcore I feel like I'll easily be able to make money haha
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Please, for the love of all that is Diablo...NOOO.

This would ruin HC in my opinion.

One of my main reasons for playing HC is so there WONT be a RMAH, and that the GAH will ACTUALLY be used....

This would make me angry....very angry indeed.

I would wager the MAJORITY of HC players would NOT want this.
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I highly doubt this will happen, 1. Hardcore mode is not the majority of players. 2. The RMAH wasn't placed in the game so YOU could make money, but people think they deserve to make money in HC mode too although they promised you nothing... and 3. IF and thats a big IF it gets implemented, i grantee it will crash when someone buys a 20$ weapon and then gets instantly killed afterwards regardless of said item. They will moan and whine for their money back because they didn't even have 20 minutes with said item. This may cause people to quit the game because blizzard wont give them back their money, OP you may never do this, i never said you would, but there would be a player base who will. And that is bad for business
The only thing I could see making sense to be able to buy/sell on RMAH is Gold, maybe Gems, crafting materials, and blacksmith type stuff that I would assume carries over between multiple characters.

That should work, right? Then if your character dies there is still the gold you bought and your blacksmith is still levelled. Right? I think?
03/11/2012 11:14 AMPosted by maniaxo
I would not love for HC to have RMAH
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Yep just like the post by castle hunter... someone is gonna buy something expensive, the server is gonna crash, they will die, and blizzard will never be able to get off the phone with them. In a world where you could guarantee that the servers wouldn't lag then sure, great idea. With the added element of possible death by blizzard in a sense, no I think it would be more headache than anything
I'm for RMAH....ppl will use 3rd party sites if not, better enable it. Same reason it was made available in d3 in the first place in SC.
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doubt this will ever happen considering HC player makes up only a small % of player.

My thoughts exactly. We will see if Blizzard determines it is worth their while but don't hold your breath.

TLDR: Get a finance text book and look up the concept of fixed costs.

TLDR: RMAH in HC = dirt cheap to create after building the rmah in Sc

TLDR: If you don't get this, then we really cannot have a conversation on the topic

once they build the whole infrastructure for softcore it won't matter because they can use the same infrastructure to expand into hardcore.

I.E. all they gota do is copy+paste the RMAH from softcore into hardcore and they are done.

The whole Blizzard bucks, paypaly banking, money transfer infrastructure will already be in place for softcore.

I.E. there will be less players in hardcore to make money from but very very low costs for implementation.

I.E. the averaged marginal costs will be very low, and thus the marginal profits very high when you take into account that what has already been spent to set up the softcore rmah is a fixed cost.
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with or without RMAH in HC ppl will still sell itens on 3rd party sites.

get over it.
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I support the implementation of RMAH in HC. I dont care if other people buy items and die. But I would love if they bought them from me rather then third parties.
Dont buy items then in HC, i'm gonna sell them hahahaha
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First person that gets a HC player killed after spending a ton of money on the RMAH will cry like there's no tomorrow.

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wasnt the point of HC to get away from the RMAH ...
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