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Why no love for rapid fire?

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I've read a lot on the forums and it's been mostly that rapid fire is worse than HA/impale. That may be true in absolute terms but I still find it an insanely useful skill. At least when you're farming low level areas like in the beta.

First, comparing it to Hungering Arrow. Hungering Arrow's EV might be around 250% damage, whereas rapid fire is only 220%, but so far Hungering Arrow is far more wasteful. That 250 dps is assuming it does full damage to every target it goes through and that isn't the case. Most monsters only have half the health of a HA shot so you're wasting half of its dps every time it pierces and hits someone new. Rapid fire concentrates on a saturation of quick fire at low damage. This way each arrow hits for maybe 3/4 of a monster's health and there is less wasted damage when it kills a target. I find I clear rooms much faster with rapid fire than I do with hungering arrow.

I also find it more useful than HA when trying to pick off a single target in a group. Using HA will not burn one guy down because it will pierce into everyone else, effectively losing dps when you are supposed to be concentrating on burning down that specific monster (aka a summoner).

I know Hungering Arrow is a generator and this is a spender, so let's compare it to Impale. Comparing it to Impale, is more or less a comparision of its overall utility. On a single mob, like the SK, it is always going to be worse in absolute terms because its weapon damage is much lower. But if you are put in a room full of guys you're going to have the same problem with impale that you do with hungering arrow: overkill. You don't need that much damage. Also there is only an initial cost of 5 (runed) for rapid fire along with a sustained cost of 10. Impale costs 25.

Rapid fire also helps circumvent the problem i mentioned two paragraphs above, similar to the one encountered by using HA. If you're trying to burn down a single target in a mob and you can hit him, then impale is the way to go. What I often find happening, however, is that the target I'm trying to focus (say a summoner) summons someone right in front of him - or someone just steps in front of him - and impale hits them instead. To me thats a waste of 25 hatred and a missed opportunity. Rapid fire allows you to waste minimal hatred to quickly kill the monster in your way while moving on to the target you really want to kill. Because it is always firing, you will at least get some dps off before something else gets in your way. This problem will be circumvented when impale gets the pierce rune, but for now RF is the way to go.

Because of this, I find RF to be a very useful tool. There is always going to be a spell that dominates numbers wise (aka impale) but I feel rapid fire is still a viable alternative and actually performs better in certain situations. Not to mention it is just insanely fun to use.
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A great skill, no one should be saying otherwise, it has its single target draw backs, but also an advantage with a cheap channel cost of hatred per damage, allowing the effect of hatred regen to achieve steeper (asymptotic) returns sooner

Hungers EV is 230% since the pierce nerf to 50%, but you can't tell a hunger to continue piercing the same target unless it is alone.

Patch 13 saw impale lowered from 275% to 250%,
At 275% it was still 2nd to RFs output simply bc you didn't want to exhaust hatred, and have to switch to a generator which was only doing 130%. It made more sense to just exhaust the whole orb with RF and continue a 228%

its front runner status on damage ouput is by proxy of hungers insane buff....get rid of Hungers DPS as a generator and suddenly, 25 hatred for 250% impale is dumb without needing the impact stun.

Generators use to be 1/2 that of spenders but the DH was looked at and under performed. when the buff came (patch 13) it was oddly aimed mostly at generators, while the spenders got nothing, (if anything nerfed)
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I don't like it because it needs to channel. I don't like monsters gaining distance on me, even they aren't a real threat. It's definitely not a bad ability though, especially with some of the runes it has.
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Oh how the times have changed. For the older posters on the DH forum.... you'll remember when I called for people to pick any skill OTHER than RF because it was too easy and boring :)
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I love rapid fire. I will use it.
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In theory its one of the best single target skills in the game.

In practice, we simply don't know if the stationary channeling that is required will be relevant frequently enough to warrant not using it.
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I had so much fun with this skill in my latest DH playthrough.
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I don't like rapid fire simply due to the fact that you have to maintain a channel in a stationary location for it to be useful. Being able to throw impales while running and hungering arrow is safer, even if the DPS may be slightly lower than a stationary rapid fire. In a group setting, perhaps with someone capable of tanking then rapid fire will work rather well.
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I like what I've seen of RF quite a bit. But it's clear that one will have to pair it with vault/caltrops or similar to get the most out of it.
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I enjoy RF, solid skill, its awesome vs single targets as well, yet i will not be using this skill when i play my DH until it either gets buffed, or i get enough gear to warrant standing still.
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