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Has anybody figured out the formula for DPS from dual wielding vs. single hand vs. 2 hand weaps? I'm equipping hand x-bows on my Demon hunter, and he's displaying higher DPS with one hand x-bow and an empty offhand than with a second hand x-bow equipped in the offhand.

Also, when looking at skills and how much they improve from weapons, should I be looking at damage and speed separately or at weapon DPS?

And one more thing while I'm at it. Do +fire/poison/etc. damage weapons add their damage to ranged attacks like magic missile or is is already calculated into the weapon damage?
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elements on a weapon are a part of that weapon, the DPS on the weapon will show that. same with a weapons aps + its IAS

dual wielding is a 15% speed bonus (multiplicative)

when comparing 2h with another 2h or a 1h's with another 1h's look at the weapon DPS
...but when comparing single wield vs dual wielding, you must equip them to see the net results from the speed boost
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I dont know the formula but if the weapons have similar dps you will get a net increase for 2 weapons, if htey have a fairly differnt dps then your net can be lower then just going one handed with the better weapon.

So if korba is right and its a 15% speed bonus, then average the dps of the 2x weapons and increase by 15%. thats why you can have a lower dps with 2 weapons if one sucks.
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03/14/2012 03:07 AMPosted by IceLom
your net can be lower

it will depend on the proportion of your damage that is created Off_weapon such as 2-4 rings and 2-4 amulet.

you can see it is a 15% increase because when you check your APS from dual wield, you will notice the APS has increased by a factor of 1.15 (e.g. 15%)

two 1.6's will see 1.84
a 1.4 and 1.2 will show 1.61 & 1.38 respectively which ever is primary
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