Maybe I'm just the only one who thinks this, but the monk animations are no where near the polish and thoughtfulness of things such as call of the ancients or even simple ones like spectral blade.

The animations seem to fall into two categories: woefully simple and uninspiring, or a glimmer of creativity that doesn't fit the class at all. Lets just look at the "new" ones that were posted.

- Inner Sanctuary
It is literally just a drawing on the ground. The animation doesn't covey, "Demons WILL NOT ENTER". It just looks like the monk in training got ahold of the sidewalk chalk. How about a bubble over a glowing "drawing, showing that the monk has sanctified the area he is in? Even take the drawing you've already made for the skill and put it as one of the Mantras which all look like someone wrapped some yarn around him/her

- Wave of Light
Big bell falls out of the sky. Cool. A giant bell. What does that have to do with the monk? Is it related to church bells, because according to your lore aren't the playable monks more inspired by Tibetan than Catholic (No Religious Offense meant)? Now look at Call of the Ancients; the barbarian summons 3 ancients to protect him. These aren't any old ancients, no they are a throw back to the D2 ancients you had to fight. Each one depicting the old with an updated engine. Amazing detail and different animations for 3 new Non-player summon units.

I don't understand the artists' direction. They are clearly talented, but none of this is allowed to be shown on the monk. No Weapon Attacks, however, is just plain laziness. I understand you want to monk to attack primarily with his fist, but please don't show the monk holding the weapons then those weapons magically disappearing. Two easy options: Redo the animations with weapons, or leave the weapons sheathed.

Please put some TLC into this class. Simplicity is good, but you have to give us (to-be) Monk players a sense of power.

Edit: After I submitted this, I noticed the "wave" of dislike for the wave of light. Guess I wasn't the only one. Sorry if this cluttered the forums.
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