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Breath of Heaven needs to change

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Either increase the spirit cost and extend the range to 40 yards (like MoH) or remove the cooldown as it stands now.

When playing in a 4 man group this skill is pretty much useless (to me) since it isn't a group heal, it is a run up to the person that needs healing and cast it, where you will be lucky to ever heal more than 2 people at once.

12 yards is a very short distance, players in 4 man groups are typically spread out and not bunched up.
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12 yards is small, however players should be working together. It is not your responsibility to run to each person and give them the heal. If multiple players are injured, I would suspect them to go in for heals. I like there being skills like that. This will separate the good players/teams from the bad. A good team would know when BOH is off cooldown, and when is a good time to sync up for the heal.

A small range also introduces having to make a decision. Is it more beneficial to run over to the barb up front that is at half health, or should I heal the 2 DHs in the back that are taking range damage. The barb up front is probably in more danger, but he has ways to heal himself plus he will probably grab some health globes, whereas the DHs might have to use potions without the heal.

I am really looking forward to the team dynamics. Having 4 players max will be great, it won't just be a complete faceroll of players spamming skills. DHs rolling ahead and dropping caltrops, barbs jumping in drawing aggro and stunning, people running to monk for a heal, players running behind a slow time. I think this is what is going to make being on a team in inferno so appealing, having peoples backs. (Sorry I think I got on a tangent there lol)
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Combining BoH with Dashing strike i find that i can dash to the enemies that are hurting my allies and when i arrive is use Boh.

Thats why its hard to have a heal monk build without dashing strike. Its to hard to get to your allies.
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