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storm build

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solo dps build for hc

offensive focus is on keeping a "storm" (hehe sry) of constant dmg going
defense based on movement hiding behind merc, decoys and time bubble

really i just like the idea of a storm hybrid build skills will look really cool stacked together
should play well i think
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It's good.

It's my opinion that frost nova is significantly better than teleport because it serves the same function, has a lesser cooldown, and doesn't cost AP. Nova can actually be used offensively (at least a lot easier than tele can)

I like it otherwise. A lot of choices for damage. I'm personally not a fan of Astral Presence too much. It's always good but I'm not convinced the 2 ap regen is really worth losing damage or slows or additional survivability.

In later difficulties you may want to switch archon with an armor (say energy armor + resistances for survivability) and switch Astral Presence to galv ward, or at least have an item with a decent amount of life regen to get your HP back.

There's a lot of times playing the game that you'll take incidental damage and be running around with half hp or whatnot just because the wave you were on didn't drop any health globes. Rares always drop health globes (to my knowledge) but others may not. A little regen goes a long way. (From my experience)

But it's really fine. Energy Twister is a little RNG for my liking though.
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I have a similar build that Im thinking of using.


Basically same idea, blizzard and twisters for sustained dps. I put a lightning signature spell instead of hydra to fuel the other 2 high ap spells. I used the chance to freeze rune in blizzard as my cc as well as chance to stun on lightning spells. With high crit, I can have lightning procs hitting all the time on all my spells. Images will cast spells with 10% damage so should make for a very colorful screen. Black ice since I'm pretty sure blizzard will be my main damage with support from signature and twisters. Even if its not the highest dps build, it should have decent aoe damage and CC to make it good for group play, and a fun theme type for giggles.
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i'm trying to avoid armors with my wizard mainly because i just dont trust them. they make me overconfident in taking hits and if i learned anything from hc d2 it's that i dont ever want to take a single hit even when soloing the whole game untweaked through hell. I would rather use teleport to get myself back and drop a slow time in front of me taking my time to kill stuff slowly then worry about how long it takes to kill stuff.

The goal of this build primarily is to run and hide with nothing but hydra and blizz until i get archon to drop nados. But the build is pretty much a goal to work towards. The storm theme is what i hope to eventually grow in to ya know? Until ap regen/max gear is acquired the build doesn't work (insight merc would help lol).

point is build will probably look something like this
until i have the dmg to kill quickly sustaining archon and the ap to sustain nado
magic missile vs shock pulse... idk experimentation needed
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AP per Crit will be a very amazing stat to get a lot of.

Spectral Blade can crit 3x for every enemy hit and its range can be extended to 20 yards.

It's great for AP-Heavy builds.

I agree with you about not trusting taking any hits. Hopefully there aren't any stygian dolls in this game. If there are I'm going to throw my monitor out the window.

An Armor + Galvanizing ward will be huge but only if you can get awy from mobs that hit you.

Your build is clearly built for survivability but I think maybe dropping mirror image for shock armor's scramble or ice armor chilling or energy armor +resistances and getting galvanizing ward over arcane dynamo will give you a bit better survivability in HC.

I'll probably be completely survivability focused in HC too.

Other things to consider would be the familiar that absorbs attacks when you're under 35% hp, the one that makes the maximum you can get hit for 35% of your hp (not really useful until hits are doing ~50%), and other signature spells.

Shock Pulse's range isn't doing what it used to. It used to extend for almost the entire screen, but now it appears to go ~20 yards before stopping.

If you're only running away you may need to go for magic missile instead, or maybe diamond skin with prism (diamond skin buffed to 6 seconds duration, instead of 3 unruned). DS+Prism would fit well into your build. You can throw down your hydra and then tons of blizzards and just refresh 1-2 blizzards when DS is down. It'll always be up in time to refresh hydra, and it'll loan you more survivability.

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