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Damage Type?

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Anyone know what all the different damage types do?

I know "cold" damage causes a snare effect, but I don't really notice anything from the other damage types aside from being different colors.

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fire and poison do slow dot

not sure how Holy or Arcane effect targets.

Im guessing their are monsters who resist some damage while take more of another type.
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As I understand it, Lightning effects can stun the target.
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Each damage type has an added effect for critical hits.

Physical: Deals double damage.
Arcane: Arcane crits "silence" targets. (Silenced targets can not cast some spells, such as a Skeletal Summoner or Goatman Shaman resurrecting fallen minions.)
Cold: Cold crits freeze targets for 2 seconds. (Duration affected by numerous other factors.)
Fire: Fire crits set targets ablaze, adding DoT to the initial fire damage.
Lightning: Lightning crits stun targets for 2 seconds. (Duration affected by numerous other factors.)
Disease: Disease crits deal an unknown bonus but units suffer a damage debuff; they take more damage and deal less.
Poison: Poison crits deal an unknown bonus but Poisoned units suffer a health debuff; their regeneration and healing is lessened or reversed.
Holy: Not sure but I think monsters killed by holy disappear. Maybe this is to prevent monster resurrect abilities?
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