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AH and RMAH may ruin game?

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In a long enough timeline, everything on the AH will be massively devalued, helping the "poor" players immensely. As more people level up and start farming, the market gets more flooded with items and with everyone being able to compete in an open market, prices tend to drop. In wow that situation was avoided by having items become "soulbound." So if you wanted mr uper badass helm of godliness, for 4 diff characters, you had to buy 4 diff ones and equipment was basically consumable. In D3, at least so far, items are not soulbound, so you could buy 1 helmet and just transfer it around character to character via the stash. This makes the demand a VERY fixed level of 1 per person (except for the rich who want to buy a 2nd due to laziness, not due to need). So eventually everyone will have everything, cheaply.

Oh another issue that has to be brought up. Even though Blizzard says they won't be listing things on the RMAH, really what's to stop them? They are setting up the perfect system where people are going to be willing to pay money to use a virtual item (exactly like selling pets and mounts in WoW) only now people are going to be willing to pay far more for these items as they will be useful in game. I think Blizzard would have to be INSANE to not set a fixed amount of items per month as additional revenue streams. They would have to be careful as to not impact the economy very much, but it wouldn't be hard, they have smart people working there.

I am will to put money on it that Blizz will eventually change it so items do become soul bound. Whether its before release day, or after. They will probably do it. Because the differences of the amount of money they would make between soulbound items and non-soulbound items is huge. Blizz would make a lot more money if they had soul bound items. I personally would amost like it more if they did do it because the AH will then be a little more stable and everything wont be dirt cheap.
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Ez solution, play HC. The Auction house there will always be recycling new gear as people get wtfrolled in Inferno because they think it will be easy.
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blizzard decided to fight poison with poison
if they can't stop the gold farmers, regulate them and charge them listing fees

Fixed for you.
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03/22/2012 01:30 PMPosted by Skyfish
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I've heard the different sides on the RMAH, and there has been many threads; so will pass on a rehash of it all, for, against, etc...

As to the AH in general, personally I think it's an improvement; where gold can be the currency, and duped SOJ's won't be the basis for the whole in game economy. The duped SOJ currency; which of course left the dupers in control of "the money supply" if you will, was not one of my favored aspects we saw in Diablo II. Combined with having to hunt down people through chat rooms, to find the person who has what you want, the whole bartering aspect, and then creating the game, hoping the person wouldn't just take your item and leave (aka scam one) wasn't one of the better aspects in d2 IMO.

This would be an improvement. No having to hunt down who has what you want, no having to trade what you have, for something that another guy wants, in exchange for the item that the guy who has what you want, has; as you have to play virtual item trader sending items through all these games, once you get the trades lined up, hoping each person in each step of the transaction will be honest and not take their item without dropping the other. No more duped SOJs, where those who can/chose to dupe them have unlimited "cash" on hand, and the rest, etc.... If anything, I think the gold based (for sure) AH will eliminate one of the less attractive aspects of d2 trade, we all got used to, because it's how things had to be done.
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People will always be in need of items, to better their own, or to craft for a better one. This will go on forever.
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No [ X ]
People will always find a way to buy items if its not from blizzard RMAH it will be from online shop or forums.
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rmah depreciate the gear in the game quickier

in d2 or for most games, people just leave their character to rot when they quit the game. The gear is basically out of circulation

with rmah, most people will slap everything on AH to make an extra buck or two. Ensure gear is in circulation and cause inflation.

Actually, if one increased supply, by selling what would not have sold otherwise, then they tend to DEFLATE, rather then inflate prices. To increase the prices, one would need to increase DEMAND (aka those wanting it), constrain supply, or depreciate the currency, making it less valuable, because one for instance flooded the market with monetary notes. But the latter would be more akin to what the Federal Reserve does, when they print money in so-called "quantitative easing". Same would have occured if people duping a whole bunch of SOJs (which in d2 was turned into the currency), so as to flood the market with the item used as money, so that the money itself loses value.

But on an AH, if you want to sell something, and say I have it up for $10, if you want the buyer to buy your's first, you'd need to undercut me, hence dropping the price to $9.95 or so. But then if neither of ours sells, because someone put it on for $7, then I could undercut you both by putting it at $6 to try to interest the buyer in purchasing from me instead... This wouldn't tend to raise prices.

But in Diablo II, the chars weren't exactly left there indefinitely, because if one didn't login to their chars in 90 days, they expired, in which case both the chars and the items fell out of existence. Though this too, woulda tended to restrict supply, hence reduce competion/price cutting; hence deflation
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Is anyone else afraid that the AH's may ruin diablo in a way? im sure that this topic may have been discussed before, but i am afraid that it may ruin the game in a way where twinks are made and no one really has to work for their gear because they can just buy it with either gold or money.

Please discuss, No trolling please.

I dont care what OTHER people do. If you want to spend your money to buy yourself armor, go at it. It doesn't affect me.
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95% of the items your going to find will be crap and not even worth putting on the ah and will only be useful as crafting mats. I think that people will say that it is going to be super flooded with items might be a bit mistaken sure people will post but people arent going to buy the garbage with bad stats on it, stuff with stats that are not optimal drop all the time.

so will there be a lot of items on there? yes, but will they actually even sell? thats the real question.

because if i have the choice of wearing the piece of garbage i got from a drop or the 10,000 pieces of garbage on the AH, I'll stick with the piece of garbage that I'm wearing.

what will keep it healthy is going to be the limited number of really good items youll see.
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03/19/2012 05:10 PMPosted by DrPro
No. D2 was ran that same way behind Blizzard's back via 3rd party websites.

I was well aware of this, but it was not as easy to use as the Ah blizz is putting in. Im also not saying they shouldnt have one, im just afraid it may alter the game a bit.

Take it you never used it.......

I bought a few things to get give me a boost after I stopped playing for awhile. Very easy and fast. The only difference now is Blizz is getting a cut. If anything, since individual gamers are going to be selling stuff I expect the prices to be higher than D2. If so there will actually be less bought items in D3 than D2. RMAH or not.
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blizzard decided to fight poison with poison
if they can't stop the gold farmers, join them

This is NOT why they created the RMAH.

The RMAH was created to offset sub losses from WoW. Blizzard employs some very smart business men who helped develop the RMAH. Anyone who believes they made the RMAH because they want to combat 3rd party websites is under some form of delusion.

You have to understand that Blizzard has grown as a company based on the amount of revenue generated by WoW. When you start to lose that revenue you need to try and offset the loss in some way or another, or the company will start to dissolve. Enter: RMAH. This gives them a perfect opportunity to generate a substantial amount of income with little effort. You think that was an accident? You think it's because of D2jsp? Uh huh. Right. Keep thinking that.

Blizzard is smarter than you. This third party website BS is just for PR. Nothing more.

Short version: Blizzard made the RMAH so they could make more money.

Best keep this secret underwraps, it could unravel everything.
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really does surprise me as well that they are not dividing the AH's into sort of sub regions just because its going to be cumbersome to look through the thousands of crap items and actually find what your looking for when 1 million people are posting at the same time. And you better be quick with your click or it very well might be gone when you go to buy it...

a million posters means a million buyers as well... should be interesting to see how it works out
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