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My Hope for Rare Items

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Unique and rares eventually took a backseat to Runewords in D2. Simply neither type of item could compare stat-wise to a Runeword. The only good use of rares became that one-in-a-million ethereal replenish durability Ornate Plate for low level dueling or an ethereal elite weapon that you could use for a level 45-ish mid level dueler that was at its best equal to an Oath runeword weapon.

There was a time early on in D2, before runewords, that rares ruled and many uniques were coveted other than a select few. My hope for D3 is that rare items can in many cases be equal if not better than Legendary ones. Sure, it might require a little luck and getting some really good stats, but I hope that rares become a highly sought after form of equipment, not just a bridge to use until you can afford/find mostly legendary or set items.
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I don't agree with you, though rare items can get to be as good as some legendaries, take the example of http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/exalted-grand-strike-wand against http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sloraks-madness, the first does more base average damage, as long as they dont change the second for bonus damage, or more base damage
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We havent seen much on how the items will end up being. But from what ive seen is that due to '+X random stats' on legendaries, there should be a load of different possibilities. So if you are scared we end up using the same items endgame...

A windforce with +10 yards health globe pickup range and +20% gold find isnt going to be half as awesome as one with increased attack speed and some form of life on hit.

Obviously cant say for sure yet, but I expect lots of diversity, and for that reason im glad runewords as they were, are not returning.

Otherwise I disagree with you because there's a reason the words 'Rare' and 'Legendary' have a different feel and meaning to them. Even tho D2 started out different, im sure they learned from this.
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