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Time Warp / Frost Nova Question

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If you cast Time Warp on some baddies then cast Frost Nova does it increase the duration of the spell since Time is slowed on enemies? I am guessing not but would be funny if this was the case. I would also think that having this build


Would be awesome against PvE. Teleport into group with Calamity, cast Time Warp to slow and boost damage, cast Frost Nova with the dmg booster rune. Cast Spectral Blades with Knockback rune with Magic Weapon with Knockback rune = Ownage.
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The question is does Slow Time actually slow time, or the timescales, IE does it make their cooldowns take longer as well, or is it just a basic move/attack speed debuff like the tooltip says.

I doubt it slows timescales based on the tooltip, which would affect cooldowns and buff/debfuf durations, it probably just slows move speed, attack speed, and projectile (ranged attacks) speed, on top of whatever rune it has going.

I have to admit I'm looking forward to trying the reflect projectile physics of it though, slows ranged attacks by 90% then use wave of force or another skill to send them flying back.
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I also doubt this. The tooltip clearly says that it slows movement and attack speed, if it also lengthened the duration of you debuffs (i.e. made them tick down slower), it would probably say that. Never the less, your idea would probably still work -- it sounds fun.
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It would be awesome if some major boss like Azmodan uses a giant meteor projectile skill, and you can slow time it and send it flying back at him for massive damage.
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