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Demon Hunter: The More Difficult class

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I don't actually have the Beta. But have been watching the videos non-stop everyday, so I might as well have played it. But something that I've noticed, that is a little disheartening, especially for someone like me who wants to go Demon Hunter when the game comes out, is that they seem to be weaker then the other classes. They have a close amount of damage, but it seems that the AoE damage just isnt enough. Classes like Witch Doctors and the Wizard can just spam Aoe Plague of toads or Shock pulse and just decimate everything. While The Demon hunter has a lot of AoE, Bola, (rogue) Fan of knives and grenades, they dont seem to do nearly as much damage.

Am I the only one with this concern?
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Since the day they announced the class, I wanted to play a DH. During the beta it's had it's ups and downs, but let me say that right now there's no class I've come close to enjoying as much as this. It's not as simple as the Wizard's AOE or the WDs, but if played right it's the best. Entangling shot with Chain gang rune, vault, bolo, caltrops; nothing is touching you. The class is about speed and mobility, and in that department it's nuts. And don't worry about DPS, the class is a wrecking ball.
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They dont get staple AOEs like multishot or cluster arrow until later.
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I've had no doubt as to whether or not the class is the most survivable. Wrecking ball as they may be. I can see it posing issues in multiplayer when the other players are killing everything before you get a shot off. Not that impale isnt the fastest attack in the game or anything. But again I dont know exactly how well this pans out.

What are some things the Demon Hunter has, speed and damage wise, over all the other classes that will make them able to compete with the other classes in multi-player?
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Solo, the DH in later difficulty levels may be more challenging. In group play? The DH will be indispensable and will likely never get killed. Traps + plus a long range arsenal will be on-point when joining public games. Assuming melee classes will kill everything before you get there is flawed. For normal and NM? sure. For hell? Probably not. Inferno? Other classes in a group setting probably will wish they had the luxury of range.
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Well, they have several abilities that, when used close to an enemy, allows them to automatically jump back a few steps, denying a melee build damage. Of course, the DH is not a melee class at all which is why in order to use the class effectively against stronger mobs and players one must use traps and abilities that slow enemies down (Entangling shot, Caltrops). Then there is Shadow Power which should help one to regain health while in the fray as long as you are using your higher damage abilities and then there is Smoke Screen which makes you invisible, allowing you to get away to recoup and carry on the fight.

The DH is by no means a tank. That is the Barb's job. As a DH you work on crowed control while also being able to get out a sticky situation.

My favourite ability so far is Marked For Death with the Grim Reaper rune or Valley of Death rune. Anyway, I am looking forward to playing as a Demon Hunter.
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What Nova said is most relevant to your issue. Their AOE skills just get unlocked later. Effective AOE: Fan of Knives, Multishot, Spike Trap, Rain of Vengeance, Cluster Arrow. Also one more thing to point out: monsters die MUCH faster in normal mode than they will in higher difficulties. Skills like Marked for Death would be useless in norm, but will be indispensable in Inferno. The DH's defensive/evasive abilities will also shine much more in later difficulties. Can't judge a class on the first 13 levels, ya know?
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Ever seen 4 demon hunters rapid firing SK down at the same time? It is a sight to behold
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03/20/2012 02:40 PMPosted by Arcadian
Wrecking ball as they may be. I can see it posing issues in multiplayer when the other players are killing everything before you get a shot off.

The class is great, but can't compensate for poor play ability. The demon hunters abilities are fast fast fast fast. I'm usually the one ahead of the group killing things before the melee have time to get in range, and have never had the problem of being left behind.

In harder difficulties instantly clearing rooms will not happen, and the tools of the DH will shine even more. If you were worried that it would be a weak first class forget about it. It's a beast.
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