Link :!gdZ!ZZaYbc
Build Name : SoTime / Soso Time
Aim : Support/Group/PVE

Optimized Team : 1Shot Baba Build / Fast Monk Build / Ranged DH Build

Sequences : [3]

* Slow Time > Wave of Force
* Illusionist > Mirror Image > Ray of Frost
* Energy Armor > Slow Time > Ray of Frost

Slow Time/Wave of force combo will lead to that pattern :
-> mobs slowed in bubble -> Wave of force randomly teleport mobs away from combat zone -> mobs are still slowed after teleportating for 3 secondes thanks to miasma rune.

Illisionist Combo will lead to that pattern :
-> if you take high dmg you may reset mirrors -> mirrors of you are created and deals 10% of your ray of frost damage -> ennemy lured by your mirrors let you heal yourself -> 3 soso casting ray of frost in circle + numb rune slowing AoE.

Energy Armor Combo may lead to that pattern :
-> Energy Armor+rune give you some max AP+ -> Bubble protect you in center -> Then circle Ray of Frost slow nearest + farthest mobs.

Explanations :

Sotime is a build which aim at mass slowing mobs in a team to lower ennemies DPS by constantly decreasing movement speed and dissipating aggroed mobs.

You will constantly med DPS mobs while increasing survivability of team by shuffling mobs position.

It could be interesting to play this kind of 'associative' build with Ranged DH which will take care of randomized afar mobs and Fast Monk who can quickly reach farthest mobs.
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