03/21/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Switch
What do you mean? It has a good duration now, but the damage is still abysmal. I don't see how it's better than comet at all.

I haven't personally seen the new runed versions of blizzard or the runed versions of meteor but currently unruned meteor is 240% overall damage where blizzard is 255%. Blizzard also costs 45 and meteor costs 60. Comet and meteor do both have their own requirements, but blizzard will proc black ice by itself after the 1st tick wheras comet needs other spells to do so beforehand because its first tick is 75%~ of its damage. It's hard to see Comet making up the difference between unruned meteor and unruned blizzard particularly after blizzard is runed. Comet being a rune there is no runing it.

I believe the effect radius of both is the same, though comet's may be slightly larger, I am unsure.

I'm leaning towards Blizzard just for the length of the slow and thus the upkeep of black ice for other spells.

Hell you could use them together pretty well.