I'm wondering if this build and fighting combo would work for inferno level. Its mostly cyclone strike based.
First when i jump into a group of enemies i would use BF 30%+ wd buff, and then hit a main target few times with hundred fists with windforce flurry. And with enough spirit, dot that target with EP, followed by CS and LTK right after it to knock them back. (im wondering if using CS without monsters being blind/stunned with just get you killed really fast). If the target happens to die then it will do 30% of its health to all enemies pulled in by CS PLUS 5 spirit per enemy caught in the blast. I'm guessing usually there will be 4-5 enemies caught in the blast for 20-25 extra spirit. MoH and CoR will be also granting 5+ spirit per sec in total; with the full combo maybe lasting 4-6 seconds after the first BF i will get 20-30 extra spirit. Transcendence will heal me about 118.6 for each spirit i spend, and i will be spending about 125-170 each time i use this combo so that will be about 14825-20162, WITHOUT the 593 life per sec with the MoH (SICK BONUS).

Hopefully the extra healing will stop me from getting mangled by the inferno monsters, and judging by the monks low WD the monsters probably wont die until i do the combo 2 or 3 times on the same main target. Seize the initiative with high dex items will hopefully help with the defence.

The BF WoHF EP CS LTK combo will roughly do about 900%-1000% depending on how many times i use each skill. And it gives pretty good health and spirit bonuses in my opinion.

Ill use this build in hell and inferno, probably will need to kite alot! Tell me what you guys think! :P