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AP Regeneration/Nuke Build

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This is a trolol build fyi. I have no idea how viable this build would be, it actually could probably be good in a group where you can stand back and nuke, but would be crappy solo.


General idea would be to use Diamond skin and Storm armor to reduce AP cost of Comet by 18 (casting Comet every 15 seconds or sooner if you are generating AP like mad).

Passive regeneration from Astral Presence and Familiar w/ Arcanot rune 4 base per second.

Spamming Magic Missile and Spectral Blades between Comet attacks to regen AP, 8 per hit for Magic Missile and variable for Spectral Blades depending on enemy numbers hit.

The Arcane Dynamo will boost the damage of the Comet blasts to around 375% dmg initial and am uncertain if the boost effect the DoT.

Of course this build will suck if facing frost resistant opponents.

EDIT: Possible swaps would be Storm Armor for Time Warp (slow time), and Comet for Energy Twister (what does the Storm Chaser do)?
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AP Regen won't generally do as much as you think. Adding 2 from Familiar will give you 1 comet every 30 seconds - and that's the only AP user in your build. Versus using the 15% damage familiar and it benefitting your Comets and your Signatures. You'll cast 5 comets from 30 seconds of base 10 regen. 75% of a normal comet. Your signatures will probably make up the rest - and it'll be more consistent. You'll have to wait 30 seconds into any single fight before that 2 ap regen per second would give you a comet - which you could use a signature spell instead of. If your AP pool is ever topped off because you're running - that ap regen doesn't matter a single bit, because you'd be regenning from the base pool still if you didn't have it - 1 second base = 5 seconds of that.

Same with astral presence. The 20 max pool only matters for the start of the fight or if you aren't spending ap wisely. The regen is the same as above. You could get Black Ice and if you're using a frost damage weapon with Spectral Blade you'd have it up before every comet.

Prodigy is bad because in its place you could use Glass Cannon and get 15% damage on every spell - including signatures - or you could regen 4 ap every signature spell. This requires 15 signature spells before it buys you a comet. 15% will buy you damage on storm armor, signature spells, and comets. It costs a little from survivability, but really only adds 2-4% damage, and who really cares to get hit anyway?

Storm Armor could easily be switched for Slow Time or Frost Nova's damage runes to both get damage for Comet and assist with survivability. You have no slows without a frost damage weapon and spectral and your only survivability spell is diamond skin. This won't make you a tank. You will die, and it probably won't even take inferno difficulty to kill you.

I'd even replace diamond skin with frost nova. Generally I wouldn't use comet either - you aren't going to hit every one because mobs will have Teleport or they'll move erratically etc.

You aren't going to find hitting them easy without Frost Nova or Slow Time - and those still don't guarantee hits.

2 Signatures is a little wonky but its not that bad, Idk.

Good day.
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Storm Chaser:

Casting Energy Twister grants you a Wind Charge. You can store up to 3 Wind Charges at a time. Casting a Signature spell releases all Wind Charges as a giant Energy Twister that deals 100% weapon damage as Arcane per Wind Charge

A note on energy twister - while it's damage looks like it's a lot remember that it's a line AoE that zigzags as it pleases. You get no say in its aim besides which direction it goes (from all I've used it it stays in front of you but may wander further off a direct line the further out it gets from you).

You might get half the damage it states, you might get full damage, you might get a quarter. I don't like its inconsistency myself, but until I get my hands on some of these runes I won't write it off completely.
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If you want to be more serious with this build you should replace the blade or missile by a low cost spell or hydra (with Arcane Dynamo you can be sure they'll hurt on boss). But this is some kind of crappy build :p. I'd also replace astral presence by Critical Mass / Evocation depending of your crit %. Your diamond skin will have a better uptime and therefore you'll do more than 3 cast every 15sec which is really lame.
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