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My DH crit build

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Thoughts? I will probably be chewing out a lot of discipline with caltrops + tumble, so i figure Nightstalker is a must. Also since I will be only going for flat damage / critchance / crit damage stats, so my health probably wont be as good and will need to keep my distance for most mobs. Archery passive is a given, steady aim over sharp shooter because I (hopefully) will have enough crit chance to make that passive seem redundant. Elemental arrow for single targets, multishot for multiple targets and hungering arrow for both.
If I'm really running out of discipline i can always swap the multishot rune for the one that grats discipline.

Any feedback/suggestions welcome :)

Edit: they moved the skill calc around, I wrote out what i had in a post further down.
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Good build. I enjoy the choice of spells, hungering arrow with multishot/Ele Arrow is my favorite combo right now, unless I enjoy a different hatred spender. Vault and caltrops are good spells but I personally rather have the turret or companion for added damage. I know you're going for crit hence the caltrops but in the end it's all up to the player and their play style so power to you my friend. I will save this build, I like it.
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Caltrops - Bait the trap & Passive skill - Steady Aim seem contradictory.

I can think of a reason why this wouldn't be the case, but i'd like to hear your side of the story first if you don't mind :)

and thanks speezman :D hope i can get some pretty decent crit gear to make it work!

Edit: unless my understand of bait the trap is wrong. If you only get the crit bonus after it has triggered then im definitely gonna have to change that out. I was thinking more along the lines of if you lay it down and u get that AoE, and stand in that you get the bonus even before triggering.
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The wording of "bait the trap" suggests that you get the crit chance before the trap is actually set off. I was considering a build very similar to this, except I had Impale [Grievous Wounds] in place of Multishot (I plan to play with at least one other friend, and I'll let him take care of large groups while I would focus on dropping elites, bosses, and other fatties).
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Preparation seems unnecessary. Caltrops only costs 8 discipline, and it is the only discipline spender you have in the build. The Night Stalker passive you have in the build should be enough to regenerate the discipline you use with Caltrops.
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I'm quite surprised that you didn't take rapid fire with web shot rune or high velocity rune for the penetration and potential extra crit hits to really benefit from the high crit chance you will have. Interesting concept.
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03/25/2012 02:41 AMPosted by Bottle
They recently changed the Calculator, and some skills shifted around. I don't think Preparation was in his initial build.

Correct, it does seem that they moved it around and now whats linked is wrong =\ i was trying to fix it but the pictures dont match up with what they are for some reason. ill update it later. Prep wasn't in my initial build, i had (in order of keys) -
Hungering arrow - spray of teeth
Multi shot - full broadside
Vault - Tumble
Elemental arrow - lightning bolts
Caltrops - bait the trap
Marked for death - Contagion
Passives -
Steady aim.
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