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Nephalem Valor Buff


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Sounds like a great idea!
Interesting! I could see how this could add to the challenge!
I have a question; why did the developers decide to only have this active after level 60? Asking as a Hardcore player.
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I have seen similar suggestions on the forums. I think it's a good thing Blizzard still reads these. I dislike the fact that it only kicks in at inferno. Probably because we will have to make a couple of runs through hell difficulty in order to reach 59. In the end who knows, either way this is a better system to replace the skill swapping disaster you guys left in the last few patches of the beta.
I like this very much
Love it. Stack = Yes, but only to a certain point. Starting off low and multiple per each one you get. To keep encouraging you to continue. Persistent through death = No. Death needs its downfalls and while they shouldn't be character breaking, they should still be a shame and something you want to avoid at all costs.
Great idea, a question though, how does it works when we play in group ?
Does everybody in the group get the buff, or only the one who actually kills the champion/elite mob ?
This seems like a great idea to incentivise not farming the exact same area over and over. I like this solution and can't wait to see it implemented.
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I really like this idea as well.
Does those buffs stack?

F.e. you receive like 2% more magic find when you kill a champ/rare pack. If you killed 3 packs recently, does that mean you have 6% more MF?
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Where is the +1 function on Blue posts ? :P

That is LOVELY news to hear. I'm even more jaw-dropped to find that once in a while, you guys are making this wonderful game... even wonderfuller ! :p

Keep up the good work... as you've always done!

Can may 15th be here yet? ;p
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Cool idea! Good job guys.
Nice feature!!
03/21/2012 09:06 AMPosted by Ishiko
My guess would be that it starts at 60 because that is really where you start running for gear. You should still be concerned with leveling before that, therefore making it less of a necessity.

I agree, until level 60 you will still be unlocking skills, making a skill change, if nothing else to try out the rune and how it plays, something you will most likely want to do.
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03/21/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Clockwork
Does "kicks in at level 60" imply inferno only?

No, it kicks in at 60. Once you hit 60 you have access to this buff regardless of difficulty. You can use it and go back to Hell to help you gear up for Inferno, absolutely.
Good Work!
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Great idea, a question though, how does it works when we play in group ?
Does everybody in the group get the buff, or only the one who actually kills the champion/elite mob ?

?? - how is it EVER a good idea to only give one member of the group who was lucky enough to last hit anything special?
Sounds great! I hope we'll be able to see it in beta
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