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Nephalem Valor Buff


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Pretty sure this is the best thing ever.
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I like the sound of that!
03/21/2012 09:04 AMPosted by D3BETA
Why only at 60?
I guess this has something to do with that "end-game" thingie.
How about this addition to the buff (if technically doable): Your current stack of the buff can only grant extra loot from each unique boss one time. That would greatly encourage people to move on, rather than repeat that boss run. The buff would have to run out and rebuild anew before you could benefit from it on that particular boss again.

With a change like this you could make the buff last through sessions instead and stack over longer time, so you didn't penalize people for for taking a break.
03/21/2012 09:09 AMPosted by D3BETA
I have a question; why did the developers decide to only have this active after level 60? Asking as a Hardcore player.

Probably because Inferno (and to a lesser extent, Hell) is where you really want to start gear hunting and where this buff will be highly sought after. I imagine they want some natural progression throughout the previous, less significant difficulties.

Plus, it's just another added incentive into getting 60 and play Inferno.
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Genius way to address everyone with concerns over builds being simply skill choices, while still making the bosses worthwhile. I like.
Nice, please give it for all levels not just level 60! Would be awesomeeeeeeee.
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Great system. I support this.
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This is a great change I feel. Reward players for "sticking with their guns", but hopefully it won't be too much when all is said and done. I'm definitely the type of player to stick with my selection and just try to make it work no matter the situation.

Excellent system!
love it, but i dnt think there should be a timer on the buff.
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I really like this idea, it encourages the behaviour you want without limiting what we want to do. I'm just curious to see how the details work out (how much MF for each pack, stackable/not stackable, etc.) before giving it a stamp of approval. It would be pretty cool sitting down for a nice long session of sweeping through the entire game from the beginning to end and accumulating massive MF :)
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This actually sounds pretty good. I've always loved being able to "respec" a character at any time with little or no penalty; but at the same time, I hated the build I choose not feeling "important" enough to stick with it. Making all builds viable is one step towards letting me enjoy my build, and this might be the next step that ensures it-- I guess I'll find out once I'm able to experience this concept for myself in-game.
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Looks really good, i think if you die it should go away.
As someone who enjoys killing every living (undead?) monster, smashing every barrel or urn, and fully exploring, I love this idea.

But, as I too occasionally have time for just a quick session, I also support the mindset of making shorter runs not worthless by comparison.

If this works out as well in practice as in conception, it will be a great feature!

Nice move blizz!
Nice. I like I like.
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FANTASTIC idea! Blizz always comes up with great ways to incentivize, but not force, players to play in such as way that their own enjoyment is maximized. Bravo!
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