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I'm guessing it doesn't kick in till max because they want to encourage players to mess with as many builds as they want while leveling to figure out what works best for them. Worrying about the buff leaving might stop people for trying things.

That is what I got from why it is lvl 60 only.
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KILL ALL THE CHAMPION PACKS (kill all the... meme)
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Deleted my post? I wasn't spamming was just asking or thinking that it has similar leveling to you all know what and it will come out with expansions just like you know what. Other than that I agree though I already called off for work! Excited and can't wait to grab my CE from the store.
I suggested something similar.
have kill streaks not being time-limited. to make ppl want to clear all areas.
ofc that only works pre-60, but this only works after 60 :)
could use both ofc.
But the reason it only kicks in at 60 is cause before that you're gonna get new skills and runes, swap, and test. which would ruin the Nephalem buff. so there's not much point to give the buff before that, and kinda stress ppl into sticking with crappy builds for the entire game session, cause of the buff.
I like this idea though. It's nice so ppl will look around for champs.
But i hope for some incentive to hunt normal mobs too :)
Sounds like a great idea
I'm eager to learn all the details when you guys got them nailed down.
Sounds brilliant.
Does this mean once I hit 60, I could go act to act and Kill every single Champion I can find then go kill a boss and have this buff stacked 60 times? (1 for each champion)
As far as why it requires lvl 60- I suspect that it is because it conflicts with the goals of the Rune System while you level.

While leveling to 60, it is designed that you should be swapping out skills to develop your own playstyle. Unlock a new skill? Use it!

This system would conflict with that development goal, thus it makes more sense to implement at 60.

The only downside I see, is that I was kind of looking forward to re-leveling characters to 60 to re-explore the game, and that will clearly be a very sub-optimal use of time with this system. Hopefully Inferno can capture that sort of challenge.
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If the purpose and goal for this feature is to promote players to both stick with the skills they select as well as to provide incentive for players to not run 3 min boss runs. Then it makes sense to have this MF buff last as long as you are in that game.

Death should not remove the buff because if you are telling people that they need to stick to a build then you should not punish them for finding the wrong build when they encounter a pack that becomes impossible without swapping out skills.

As long as you never change skills then you should never loose the buff.

Lastly, would moving skills on your UI, which triggers the cool down (for reasons i still don't understand why) would this remove the MF/GF buff? Your not changing out skills. Your only changing your UI to better server how you play.

This is why i never understood why moving one skill from button A to button B triggered the cool down.

Almost the same thing I had in mind year or 2 ago (lost count its been so long wait). I wanted d3 to be different from d2 in a way that it would be beneficial to clear bigger areas of the game.

Well good thing you had same thoughts in mind! Can't wait to get to play this game!
Does death reset the buff?

Will additional players joining the game reset the buff? If not, is the buff personal to you, despite the magic find 'pool' from items?
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Sounds great.

My $0.02 on the things you're still deciding:

1. Let them stack, but perhaps with some sort of diminishing returns and/or cap. If it's a one time buff, then you don't really have to "sweep" the area, you have to find one champion mob and then you get the buff. Allowing the buffs to stack forces you to actually sweep the whole area looking for rares before going to the boss.

This shouldn't diminish the value of shorter play sessions. Someone can still take 5 minutes and get a buff by killing a champion mob and then going to the boss, it just won't be as strong of a buff as someone who took 30 minutes to sweep the whole area before going to the boss. That seems ideal, in my opinion.

I'm not sure what numbers you are working with internally, but let's use an example: On your way to skeleton king there are 5 champion mobs spawned. The first champion mob you kill gives you 20% increased MF/gold. The second gives you 15% increased MF. The third, fourth, and fifth give you an additional 5% each, for a total of 50% max. This both allows shorter play sessions to be very viable (two mobs gets you 35%), but also gives a significant incentive for longer play sessions to go and kill the last 3 rares.

2. If you utilize the above system, allow the buff to persist through death, but drop a "stack" of the buff off with each death, starting with the strongest buff. For example, if you die on the boss with the 50% buff mentioned above, you come back, but only have 30% (the 20% initial stack drops off). If you don't allow it to persist through death somewhat, then rather than finish the boss run, people will just leave the game after their first death. Allowing partial persistence through death encourages finishing out the boss run, particularly because if someone leaves, they may do another boss run where 1 or 0 champion mobs spawned.

3. As for duration, make it until you leave the game. No reason not to. If someone wants to go and kill every rare in the game, diminishing returns and a cap will make that a fool's errand, but they shouldn't be punished for doing so.

I would love to hear thoughts on these ideas.

Overall, great concept. Can't wait to play with it.
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03/21/2012 09:11 AMPosted by Bashiok
Does "kicks in at level 60" imply inferno only?

No, it kicks in at 60. Once you hit 60 you have access to this buff regardless of difficulty. You can use it and go back to Hell to help you gear up for Inferno, absolutely.

Hurrah for more clarification. +1 to you Blizzard for reading the forums and taking our suggestions to heart.
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This is great idea. keep up the great work.
03/21/2012 09:11 AMPosted by Bashiok
Does "kicks in at level 60" imply inferno only?

No, it kicks in at 60. Once you hit 60 you have access to this buff regardless of difficulty. You can use it and go back to Hell to help you gear up for Inferno, absolutely.

But if in party someone change skill, all the party lose the buff or only who change it?
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03/21/2012 09:06 AMPosted by D3BETA
How about this addition to the buff (if technically doable): Your current stack of the buff can only grant extra loot from each unique boss one time. That would greatly encourage people to move on, rather than repeat that boss run. The buff would have to run out and rebuild anew before you could benefit from it on that particular boss again.

The buff isn't persistent through multiple sessions (games) so you cannot leave one game to join another and farm the same boss with the same buff, you would have to fight more rares/champions to obtain a new buff.
Sound awesome! Really like this system.
Very good system! Like it very much.
Almost feelds like you took an idea there from a thread of me. :-P

Now there only remains one big problem in the game: Groups not playing together! Join a public game and you have 4 people, all running around in a different direction. Even in hard encounters, no one helps, because why should they care? If you write anything, no response. Not even in hardcore!
If one finds a nice event or quest, they just rush through, without telling you, "stealing" worthy experience.
This is the way, 80% of Beta's public games go at this very moment.

Blizzard, we a) need reward for playing together and b) we need a option to un-party a player or at least vote-kick or any other thing.
And if you say "in hell and inferno they would need to help each other or they all die", I respond: And in normal and nightmare, public games stay like !@#$?
I like this idea!
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