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Nephalem Valor Buff


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04/16/2012 09:45 AMPosted by D3BETA
This thread no longer sticky? Bliz had decided to drop this idea?

No, they decided not to make it sticky.
any updates on the things that were being worked out?
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I hope they don't drop it. I thought it was a good idea.
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Elective mode in option dude ... it let you use whatever skill you want from any category in any slot you want! So it's just like before when you check this option!
04/16/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Hehaw
The fact we've had a beta patch (maybe 2?) since this was announced with no further discussion makes me wonder if they scrapped it, like they did with half the other interesting systems, when they hit a hitch =/.

It's kicking in when you reach level 60?
hey can we have some updates on this? any CM?
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Encourages playing through the levels instead of skipping past to get to the boss. Awesome to be rewarded "financially" in addition to the fun it offers.
good idea :)
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Why was this unstickied?
04/23/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Ravlaor
Why was this unstickied?

Good question...
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i would love it if we could at least get a "no, its not scrapped" response.

im pretty sure they wouldn't just discard an idea this good and versatile, but the lack of news and the un-sticky-ing kinda worries me
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No news is good news
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Sounds great.

My $0.02 on the things you're still deciding:

1. Let them stack, but perhaps with some sort of diminishing returns and/or cap. If it's a one time buff, then you don't really have to "sweep" the area, you have to find one champion mob and then you get the buff. Allowing the buffs to stack forces you to actually sweep the whole area looking for rares before going to the boss.

This shouldn't diminish the value of shorter play sessions. Someone can still take 5 minutes and get a buff by killing a champion mob and then going to the boss, it just won't be as strong of a buff as someone who took 30 minutes to sweep the whole area before going to the boss. That seems ideal, in my opinion.

I'm not sure what numbers you are working with internally, but let's use an example: On your way to skeleton king there are 5 champion mobs spawned. The first champion mob you kill gives you 20% increased MF/gold. The second gives you 15% increased MF. The third, fourth, and fifth give you an additional 5% each, for a total of 50% max. This both allows shorter play sessions to be very viable (two mobs gets you 35%), but also gives a significant incentive for longer play sessions to go and kill the last 3 rares.

2. If you utilize the above system, allow the buff to persist through death, but drop a "stack" of the buff off with each death, starting with the strongest buff. For example, if you die on the boss with the 50% buff mentioned above, you come back, but only have 30% (the 20% initial stack drops off). If you don't allow it to persist through death somewhat, then rather than finish the boss run, people will just leave the game after their first death. Allowing partial persistence through death encourages finishing out the boss run, particularly because if someone leaves, they may do another boss run where 1 or 0 champion mobs spawned.

3. As for duration, make it until you leave the game. No reason not to. If someone wants to go and kill every rare in the game, diminishing returns and a cap will make that a fool's errand, but they shouldn't be punished for doing so.

I would love to hear thoughts on these ideas.

Overall, great concept. Can't wait to play with it.

This guy knows what's up, +1
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i thought they were gonna do a write-up on the finalized version of the buff before release?
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