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Hmmm an interesting system, but I really hope this is not a one stop solve all solution. I mean, it only really holds you to said build as long as you're in said game (and really only after you kill a champion and decide it's worth it to hold onto the magic find, which as you said, depending on if it's stackable or even that high, may not make much of a difference....although the added drops off the boss is intruiging).

Anyway, overall I like this feature, however, I don't think it solves the end game "end" issue. 60 is still a low cap and the skills do feel rather "all accessible", with the rune system still being disappointingly on rails. This all needs to be fixed and the nephalem hardly fixes that. Again, at the same time, I won't deny at least liking this feature at least, it is nice, just not as "huge" as you're making it sound so far, at least not to me.
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i'm liking it, can't wait!!!!!
This is amazing news, and a great way to accomplish what you intend to do with the problem of over farming certain area's. One thing that irks me about this however is that people will not want to down a boss without said buff on. I doubt this will be a problem tho. Overall this is great news, and I can't wait to get my hands on this game.
It should definitely stack. Maybe up to 10 or so, and it should give extra loot from champions too, not just bosses. I hate feeling like I've got to run the same bosses over and over. Diablo only knows how many times I've killed Baal.
We know that if it doesn't stack, players would want to kill a boss immediately after receiving the buff. If it does stack, people would want to kill the most elite/rare possible before taking on a boss, which does penalize short sessions of playing the game.

So here's my idea: Let the stack bonus decrease as you get more stacking buffs. It will encourage killing a lot of elite/rare, but not too much.

It would go something a bit like this :
The 1st buff gives 100% of it's effect.
The 2rd buff gives 66% of it's effect. (166% stacked)
The 3th buff gives 44% of it's effect. (310% stacked)
The 4th buff gives 29% (339% stacked)
The 5th buff gives 19% (358% stacked)

Just an example.

Suggested this on page 4. I agree.

Neat idea (the numbers are off though). But it should stack much longer than that im. You should get a benefit from the 10th elite pack, the 20th and even maybe the 50th pack you kill tbh - adjust the numbers accordingly of course so they dont buff too high.
I''m assuming here that you will meet a lot more than 5 or 10 elite packs between bosses in Inferno.
Love this idea. Can't wait to test it out
Interesting idea, I can understand as to why it is at level 60. So more people are encouraged even more to achieve this goal they need to be max level, clever thinking actually and your making this game past perfection in my eyes. Good Work.
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This is awesome! Personally, I don't think it should continue through death. Why? Because if it persists through death, players won't feel the need to be careful when going up against mobs, but instead will be reckless, knowing the buff will last even if they die. I feel that if you didn't let it persist through death, it would be a rewarding challenge to stay alive (>^.^)>
Awesome news.. I like!
This is awesome!
I think this is a great idea. Although Im bumped about it when it resets if you change skills or skill runes. It shoud just reset after death. I have over 20 skills per class. I like to feel powerful, being able to use any of my skills at anytime of the game. Im not just a 6 trick pony. I guess I'll have to find my perfect build for Inferno Runs while playing though Hell. Going to be fun and hope I can find a good build that works for me with this system.
but if you're going into the lair of an boss you auto see rare mobs on your way till you reach him??
Is there any Limit of MF bonus?
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It should definitely stack. Maybe up to 10 or so, and it should give extra loot from champions too, not just bosses. I hate feeling like I've got to run the same bosses over and over. Diablo only knows how many times I've killed Baal.

As I read it the buff increases your MF for EVERYTHING, also elites and totally normal enemies.
It just also gives bosses a chance to drop better items than they could before - on top of the extra MF. Since apparently bosses pretty much cant drop great loot (at least their chance is very low from what Blizz has said) in D3 after you kill them the first time.

It sounds like having this buff simply makes bosses able to drop loot "as if they were elite mobs" - and then MF will affect the chance afterward.
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No, it kicks in at 60. Once you hit 60 you have access to this buff regardless of difficulty. You can use it and go back to Hell to help you gear up for Inferno, absolutely.

But if in party someone change skill, all the party lose the buff or only who change it?

And what about MF share, is the buff personal or shared.
I would bet it's at 60 to encourage you to try out all the skills before then. Great add!
This sounds great! I am a great fan of chosing your build en stay with it. So this only encourage ppl to do so.
like it +1
This sounds awesome. I like having at least some adventuring before I kill a boss and this would make you search for that champion or rare monster pack, cool.
Great idea! Though I would suggest that it does not persist trought death as an additionnal penalty for dying..

I also think allowing it to stack to a certain limited amount (i.e. 3 to 5 times) would be cool too, maybe the buff could upgrade every time you kill 3 rares/champions or something simillar. Balancing this would benefit "slightly" longer sessions in the same game to work toward the next boss instead of restarting the same area over and over again.

Although I'm pretty sure you guys already worked around with these ideas, however you decide it to be, I think Nephalem Valor itself is a good system idea.
I checked all the blue replies and didn't see an answer, but will this reset if you die? hopefully Bash will answer this
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