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i really like the sleet storm of ray of frost

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i just tried it in the beta and i must say i really like that rune effect of ray of frost it is definitely one i would see myself using in end game
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I don't know if I'd use it end game (Inferno). It will be different in Inferno because mobs will have attributes and be tougher. I doubt you will be able to just stand there casting Sleet Storm while hard hitting mobs with attributes like knockback etc pound on you.
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You do get defense bonuses due to the fact that Sleet MS/AS slows, but you still put yourself into melee range. When doing level appropriate runs in the beta with this spell, Ive found myself coming close to dying--and that is in normal mode.
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At least in Normal, I've found that using a shield (had 36% damage reduction) and popping Diamond Skin before running into a crowd is effective for the runed Ray of Frost.
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It's an awesome skill potentially and graphically, but it won't hold water on Inferno assuming it's even half as hard as D2 Hell was.
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That's true, but it's still fun to mess around with while it works. Not a lot of options in beta.
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Combined with other defensive skills like diamond skin, frost nova and the like, it should be viable in inferno. Most certainly not a "I can do this all the time without ever being threatened" skill, but it'll be quite usable when used when you can take some hits, I would surmise.

Optimal skill for inferno? Probably not. Viable? Sure.
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I made a short range build using sleet storm, frost nova, and diamond skin. For a sig, I picked up spectral blade. It was a pretty fun build, and I even managed to kill skeleton king essentially naked and using a crappy weapon.
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